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Hot Heels 2000 - Classic Style Race (Butt Board)
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(All race photos courtesy of Kent Kochheiser)

Randal and I approaching the finish line in a Classic Style (Butt Board) practice run.  Darren likes to remind us that hitting the rock won't hurt, just delay the race while they clean up the splatter!

Andreas Forstner (66) and Jochen  Blum look intense as they shoot for the apex of the carrousel.  Both have been competing here for many years (Jochen came in 2nd last year and Andi has a rock in Hell's Gate named after him (It's a long story).

Randal looks like he's been competing for years in the Classic Style (this is his 2nd event) as he passes two European riders.

Gerhard leads Darren into the carrousel in the final of the Classic Style race.

Dave Rogers and Jochen Blum follow.

Tom and I were so tired that we decided to nap instead of trying to run Jochen down. (Tom actually crashed in turn one and almost ran me down.)

The final result of the Classic as shown here (Gerhard Lanz, Darren Lott, Dave Rogers, Jochen Blum, Me and Tom Mason.

Podium was Gerhard (his 1st win), Darren (his 3rd podium in a row) and Dave (his 2nd podium in a row).

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