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Hot Heels 2000 - Street Luge Race
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All race photos courtesy of Kent Kochheiser

Darren leads Pete Eliot (UK) out of Hell's Gate.  I'm sure you noticed Darren's riding a butt board.  He road this in the Luge event and qualified 4th!

I take the inside line into the carrousel in an attempt to pass Jeremy Gilder (UK).

It worked!

My new Rogers Brothers board worked like a charm.  I just told it were to go and it went there. I can't thank you guys enough.

Darren and I enter the carrousel in the Street Luge consolation race (for positions 5-8).  All top 8 competitors received invitations to the 2001 X Games.

I was able to hold Darren off thanks to the help of Pete Eliot (out of picture to the right).  We just took up too much road.

Finish of the consolation race was Me, Darren, Gerhard and Eliot.

Dave enters the carrousel in 1st and all alone. Mr. Consistency.

The finished of the Street Luge event was just as you see it.  Dave Rogers, Tom Mason, Oliver Wagner and John Fryer.  John actually qualified 2nd only 0.01 seconds behind Dave R.  He had it going on.

The traditional podium shot.  The trophy girl is actually a French stand-up rider. Dave's seems to be really looking forward to that kiss.

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