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Hot Heels 2000 - Course Map
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We all paused every time the bus let us off at the top of the course.  This view is the reason.

Entry into turn one is tricky because of the speed (about 60 mph) and the right kink in the road before the hard left.  No injuries this year (broken leg last year) but many crashes.

Turn two is a bit slower but also a bit tighter.

Turn three (as seen from the exit of turn one) is nice and wide and a good exit guarantees you the speed you need to stay ahead.

The straight and chicane after turn three is very fast and I certainly retained my new nickname here (AuldOverTheRoad for those that don't know me).

The famous carrousel.  This is a very steep 200 degree turn that has caused many crashes.  Exit speed here is critical if you are to catch someone in front or to keep someone at bay.

The exit of the carrousel leads to a series of sweepers picking up speed the whole way.  Topping out at about 60 mph again.

Entry to Hells Gate.  This is an accurate view of what a rider would see.  If you want to stay ahead or catch someone at the finish then a "swallow hard and go for it" attitude is necessary.

The exit of Hells Gate. You can see why it's called this as the whole section is lined with the jagged rocks of an exposed cliff.

Continue picking up speed and turning right at the finish at about 65 mph.
In total about 1.6 miles.

I found this really old photo on a postcard in the lobby of the Hotel Kirchenwirt.  This was taken while the dam was being built (hence the houses along the course).

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