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Hot Heels 2000 - General Event Photos
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Welcome to Hot Heels 2000!

This is becoming a tradition... the view from my hotel balcony. It's a view of the Kaunertal Glacier entrance.  It rained for three days before our arrival, stopped on day one of practice and started again about 30 minutes after the awards ceremony.

After many many events I finally remembered to take a shot of my bib before it got ruined.  Wouldn't ya know it, it's the only one I have that finished relatively unscathed.

The camp site was moved to the finish line this year.  Over half the riders camped out and partied here.  Not bad huh?

Dave Rogers shows off his #1 bib after finishing 1st in the Classic race last year.  This is the race that the Germans and Austrians have been competing in since the early nineties.  The Luge event started in 1997-8.

Randal's second Classic event (Butt Board) was the big one.  As you'll see a few photos down, he finished extremely well.

Darren and Chris Beard (UK) pit at the end of pit row.  The brit's actually fielded about 30% of the luge event.

There were actually 4 disciplines this year. Snake Board, Stand Up, Street Luge and Classic (Butt Board).
Photo Courtesy of Kent Kochheiser

A good view of the rock wall that lines Hells Gate.  See the Course Map for more pictures of the course.

Man do I get dirty after a day of racing.  I raced in every round in both Luge and Classic and finished 5th in both events.  Randal finished a very impressive 9th in the Classic event.
The Luge event started with eight 4 man heats while the Classic started with eight 6 man heats.
Photo Courtesy of Kent Kochheiser

Even after the race Randal was still racing.  His excitement was contagious nonetheless.
Photo Courtesy of Kent Kochheiser

Stefan Wagner won a special lifetime achievement award.  A back injury kept him out of the Luge and Classic races but he had a go at stand-up and of course was a race organizer.

This is the award you get to take home if you win the event 3 years in a row.

These are the cool trophies Gerhard Lanz had made up for this years contest.

After the racing was all done Hot Heels threw a really cool party with several live bands.  I think it ended around 3 am.

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