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St. George Utah 2000
May 4 - 5  Click here for Results
X Games Open Qualifier

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Now I bet you all wish you were there - If not for the 9% grade but for that view!

John Reed and John Ozman were the capable and friendly tech inspectors. No re-inspection if you fail, just The Knife.

Wade not only helped Darren prepare for racing (Darren broke his foot the week prior) but acted as a EMT when the IGSA's original plan kind of fell apart.

Cool Course.  Very spectator friendly as most was viewable from the finish line.

Todd and Mike turning heads as they exit the "widow maker".  Mike eventually passed Todd with only 5 yards left to the finish.

George Orton had a stellar weekend.  He qualified 1st and here he is winning the 4-Man event.  He missed the awards ceremony getting his hand x-rayed.

Todd had this spectacular crash later in the day.  Injuries could have been much worse but for Todd's heads up reaction (hands and feet AWAY from the bales).

I was barley able to hold off Jason Johnson in my 1st 2-Man heat.
Photo Courtesy of Officer Sherman Stebbins - Click photo to see his gallery of the event.

Red Bull made an appearance.  Giving the stuff away for free made some folks a little jittery to say the least (Dave Rogers is still shaking).

Bob Swartz showed off his new Blue Smoke leathers.

MOE SPEED!  Moe was at the races selling his new Moe-llenuim trucks.  There are two sizes available.  One has the width and geometry like Z-Rollers but is much shorter.  The other is wider and with the same geometry and height of the Z.  Craftsmanship is as usual, stunning.

Mike leads Wade, Kurtis and Waldo at the apex of turn 5 (The Widow maker).

The U-Haul brings up a group of 2-Man quarterfinalists.

Rat leads Bob Ozman, Wade Sokal and Waldo in a 4-Man semi final.

Tom wins the Classic (Butt Board) race.  The race took place in complete darkness with only the street lights showing us the way.  Gerhard took 2nd and Bob in 3rd.

Look familiar?  Bob and Gerhard brought in Rat to celebrate his viceroy in the 4-Man.

There was a lot riding on the 6-Man event including $1000 and 4 slots in the 2001 X Games.  The slots went to Mike Colabella (1st), Tom Mason (2nd), Gerhard Lanz (3rd) and Ron West (4th).  By the way, if you've been following along, Gerhard was on the podium for EVERY event he entered (he was 2nd in the dual).  Not bad for a Austrian! 

The day after...
A bunch of us headed for the famous "bike trail" on the north side of town the next day.  14 riders on both luge and butt board early before the ride home.

This is not your average bike trail.  I think I remember someone saying it was 7 miles long.  Sections of the trial were like a roller coaster with sharp up hills and large drops.

Team "Cheap Leathers" made it's debut on the bike trail. Randal Fuller, me, Jeffery Schonzeit and James Olson (Jamz).
Photo courtesy of Marilyn Hendron

I was completely worked after one run on the butt board.  Most went again.

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