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Campo 2000 - EDI
April 29-30  Click here for Results

The Rogers Bothers were selling home made shields for the Snowrider helmet.  Hope you got yours.



Two new members of team Rogers Bothers came with their fancy leathers.  Both Mike and Bill had good showings.

The 1st ever MOTORIZED luge board. 
Indoor Street Luge on banked tracks anyone?

Bob was his typical self, making changes to the board just before the race.  I guess it paid off as he qualified for the 2000 Gravity Games.  Congratulations Bob!

Team BodRodz made a trip out west.  2 members competed in Pro and an amateur made the podium (Scott).

The Pro Luge grid looked like this.  My first heat was with Biker, Dave Rogers and Tom Mason (lower left #3,11,22.30).  Guess what happened!

Sean Mallard crosses the line just before Rob Ruhman and Bob Ozman.

Amateur Luge final with Scott, Darren and Jeffrey Schonzeit of LLLV.  I believe a podium 1st for all.  Congrats!

Pro Luge final was Biker, Kurtis Head and Rat.  Not a 1st podium for any!

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