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More Brothers (& Sister) in the Badlands
April 2000
All photos courtesy of Kent Kochheiser Photographic

Once again, the Rogers Bothers let us enjoy their new found practice hill.  The action was again captured by Kent Kochheiser - Mr. Photographer.

Pam was a new found Butt Board junkie.  We couldn't get her off the thing.  I think it had something to do with the size (it's about as big as her luge board!)

The start was the usual jostle for position and the proverbial cloud of smoke.

The 1st left hander is the 'guardrail' and is given the appropriate amount of respect.  John carried that camera all day. I bet he has some awesome footage.

Everyone tried a 'Rogers Bros.' board this day.  Here Bob gives it a try but once MAC got on one he wouldn't get off.  

I think Dave is gonna be busy for a while (I placed my order!).

What can I say?  I love this stuff.

Don't be fooled, that's not an oasis, just some Lugers.

Choo Choo
(Count again, I bet you missed Pam in the middle)

It's that damn mirage again.

We all watched John carry the camera at this hill, but his true expertise with the video was earlier in the day on a very twisty road.  

He got tied up with Rob and his board took a side trip but John had his priorities straight and saved the camera.

Check out my new leathers (I'm the one in front!).

What a friendly group.  I got a wave on every run.

John never stops (shooting I mean).

When Bob heard that the LA Times would be at this hill he broke out the good stuff.  All except shoes.  He had a carload full but refused to break them out and had to break with the sides of his shoes as that was all that was left.

We all survived the day to get phone numbers (yak) before the next run.

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