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Brothers in the Badlands
Feb. 2000
All photos courtesy of Kent Kochheiser Photographic 
The Rogers Bothers found this great practice hill a few months ago and we've been regular visitors even since.  We had a chance recently to capture some of the action thanks to Kent Kochheiser - Mr. Photographer.

The luge train was usually led by Darren Lott on his new (yes another one) wooden luge (well it's sorta like a luge).  He kicked our ass all day.

Dave and Dave.  I had my moments but the luge racing (sorry, practice) was usually just a train ride to the bottom.  We still had fun.

See what I mean.

Once in a while we would form a pack. L to R: Dave, Me, John. Bill, Darren and Rob.

I got a new nickname on this trip.  Fat & Dirty.  Seriously, I need to lose weight and get me some new leathers.  It's getting embarrassing.

Here's a close-up of Bill, Darren and Rob.  Rob gave Darren a run for the money on the luge.

The butt boarding tended to be a lot closer.  Packs were the norm.  John is in the back filming from his luge.

The Rogers Brothers are getting ready to storm the stand-up world.  They typically hit the low 50's on this hill.  With a video camera no less!

Ok, this has got to be illegal. Anti-gravity luge?  Sorry, I'm not playing anymore.

The End.

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