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Butt Boarding (Classic Style)

Photo courtesy of Barb Auld
It looks like I'm riding a luge but it's just a 48" skateboard.

Photo courtesy of Barb Auld
See.  No foot pegs or head rest.  We had to keep an eye out for joggers and bikers as we rode this bike trail in Orange County CA.

Photo courtesy of Barb Auld
Darren has been in major recruiting mode.  Here he gets his friend John to give it a try.  I think he liked it!

Photo courtesy of Darren & Arlene
A group of riders is making a monthly trip to West LA college for some riding fun.  Two X Games medalists in this bunch.

Photo courtesy of Kent Kochheiser
As you may have seen in the Hot Heels section of the site, I rode a Butt Board in Austria in June of '99.  My first BB race.  I was more successful than this photo depicts (I made the semi final round).

Butt Boarding has been making it's way into some US races as well.  This is the start of the demo ride at Mammoth '99.

Photo courtesy of Darren & Arlene
Darren and Scott get ready to ride a hill in the Sierra mountains of California.

Photo courtesy of Darren & Arlene
Jo Beard models the butt board of choice - the Lott Classic.

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