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Mammoth 1999 - EDI
July 31 - Aug. 1  Click here for Results

The EDI/Zolar Mammoth Downhill Festival was the last open Qualifier for the 1999 Gravity Games (the spelling mistake was not mine, it was wrong on the banner).

Rick Wilson was once again our tech inspector.  He was also our finish line judge.  Thanks Rick!

The riders meeting started on time at 8 am and was well attended.

Lee was in prime form the day of the race.  His blood alcohol reading at 9AM was over 0.04.  Way to go Lee.

The butt board demo was watched by all.  The Lott Classic seemed to be the board of choice.

Photo Curtasy of Bob Swartz
Squirrel Killer Bob Swartz did what we all fear.  The blood was everywhere.  I'm just amazed that no one else hit one of these guys. They were everywhere.

Perry, Beau and Roger made a showing as the newly formed Team Eclipse.  Leathers by NJK of Mammoth CA.

The Luge final (6 man only this time) was Beagle, Biker, Waldo, Big MAC, Travis and Grumpy.  (Gee, only 2 without nicknames).

Grumpy got out to an early lead with Travis close behind.

Steve's first gold.  Travis finished 2nd and Biker 3rd.

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