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1998 Red Bull - San Francisco CA
This is the view of the hill from about 1/2 way down.  If you're not sure, yes, that's Alcatraz in the background.  The white tent at the bottom housed the band and just beyond were the pits.

Lombard street was about a block away from the finish line.

I didn't win an event but I was at least able to finish 1st in my 1st 4-man heat.  Darren Lott won the 4-man and Lee Dansie won the 6-man.

Rick Wilson was kind enough to provide XT Wheels for the riders.  Good thing too, we needed 'em. Their size and shape helped smooth the ride and landing.

Beagle is his silly but lovable self.

Sean Mallard leading a group of riders during the 6 man event. 

John Rogers and his brother Dave rode with me to the event.  Here john shows us what a broken truck looks like.  I'd say there were well over a dozen equipment failures during the day.

Last but certainly not least is our leader Tom Mason. He put on one hell of an exciting race.
Photos courtesy of Ted Schroeder

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