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1998 Fire On The Mountain - Ansted WV

Real Audio Story from NPR
This is the back of the T-shirt the town sold at the event.  The fans are REALLY into this sport and they lined the mountain with the majority looking for action at the 90 at the bottom.

The morning started out kinda cold and damp.  The pits soon filled with riders as they trickled in all morning.  I met a lot of new people from as far away as Louisiana and Indiana.  I wonder how many states were represented.

There were tons of kids watching the fun at the 90 degree turn just several yards before the finish. 

These guys must have rebuilt this wall 20 times throughout the day.  I was lucky enough to avoid this crash zone but did find a small ditch at the last hard left further up the course.

The day turned out beautiful with temperatures in the 80's.  During lunch, some the riders held a little clinic with the spectators.  They got a chance to try their turn at navigating the 90 degree finish.

This was the really cool award that David Forsyth and Travis Tripp won at the event.  Travis for the 1998 NSLA Championship and David for the Hard Core award.  If I think about it, I can't remember a race David didn't attend.

Congratulations guys!

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