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EDI (Extreme Downhill International)
A group shot of the EDI crew and athletes in 1996 - one of our biggest years and the last year for Gravity Formula 1 (the cars).

One of my early EDI medals.
Darren and I before the final run of a May '96 EDI Event.

A 3rd place celebration at that May 1996 EDI Event.  That's Biker Sherlock  in 1st, Roger Hickey in 2nd and Darren Lott in 4th.
The start of the 1997 EDI (Extreme Downhill International) season championship in Lake Elsinore CA.  This is the first of two qualifying runs. 

Just before the finish line of one of many practice rounds. This hill is the fastest on the EDI circuit and we typically reach 70 - 75 mph. 

I Finished the 1997 EDI Series in 5th place.

Photos by Kent Kochheiser and Arlene Cline

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