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Street Luge Test Ride.™

Your chance to Ride a Real Street Luge on one of our best courses. Stop dreaming about the thrill and excitement of riding a Pro Series Street Luge. Sign up for the next Street Luge Test Ride.

The Street Luge Test Ride is designed to give you an opportunity to safely ride a Race Ready Street Luge on one of our best roads.

The Street Luge Test Ride consists of many hours of non-stop fun. After a short session reviewing the concepts of safe riding, you'll hop onto your Race Ready Luge to learn the techniques of Braking, Steering, and Control, while being constantly monitored and coached by race-seasoned instructors. Next, you'll ride a challenging 2.5-mile road course during the lead and follow exercise. We'll show you the "correct racing line" and teach you the proper apex and exit of corners. With a few run’s under your belt and a few pointers from your instructor, you're back on your luge bombing the hill on your own.

Templen Highway, Southern California - Street Map

How Much?
150$ for 4 hour class.

Once a Month starting April 2003

The Street Luge Test Ride is the most exciting time you'll spend on a Street Luge. Courses are scheduled once a month, with a maximum of 6 people per session. Advanced courses also available. We provide all the necessary equipment - all you have to do is show up, learn, and ride.

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