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Update 3/24/03!

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Red Bull gravity events are gone.

Posted By: on 3/21/03 @ 11: 01 a.m.

I wont go into detail, but in a nut shell, the guy at big air who kept jumping the metal barrier fence after being warned several times by police, who jumped infront of one of the luge guys an broke his leg, and said he knows he was at fault and he was a dad of a kid who luges, and he made a mistake, has changed his story and is sueing Red Bull for more than out entire gravity budget for the year.

So anyone who wants to give a written statement to red Bull of what exactly happened would be great. With about 10 eye witnesses and the police and production witnesses we can help win this case against Martin Windmill and save our gravity program.

I had the race of races planned, skid road, 3 events across the nation as well as a proposed g-bike event are all
scraped as of 3-21-03.

I wish I could break the law and ask for a half a million dollars.  Chris McBride did it leagally got hurt twice as bad and got nothing but the respect of us all.  You take a certain risk at an event, if a luge guy would have flown over the barrier and hit a spectator, then we accept all liability.

So I think im going to the Long Beach grand prix next week and I will jump infront of Penske's car, he has alot of money.
Some people make me sick.


Red Bull needs our help. - Update 3/24/03

Posted By: Tom Mason on 3/24/03 @ 9: 35 a.m.

It looks real good guys. 3 new video angles that the legal department never saw.

I need anyone who witnessed the accident or saw Martin Windmill actually being warned of the danger and to get back please write a brief one page description of what you saw and Fax it to:

Aileen Todd - Risk Manager - Red Bull of North America.
Fax #:  310-230-2361
Phone: 310-460-5342

Include your full name and phone number. This is in Santa Monica, California. Please, no prank or stupid calls, she is an attorney, and she's truly working for us.

Guys we are going to win this one together.
Thanks for your help.

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