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Posted By: Hod, Lally, Chaput on 7/13/03 @ 3: 34 a.m.

Results, as far as we can remember. First year without any rain, and times were faster than ever. Sitting here at the Kiwi at the only computer in town nursing hangovers, and Brent's dodgy pull from last night...

1. Brent DeKeyser (USA, Rogers, Pegless, Faired, Abec 11) Qual: 1st, New Course Record - 2:10.65
2. Andy Lally (USA, LallyLuge, Pegless, Faired, Abec 11) Qual: 3rd - 2.11.38
3. Richard Hod (UK, Rogers, Pegged, Unfaired, Abec 11) Qual: 4th - 2.12.26
4. Olivier Wagner (SUI, Rogers, Pegged, Unfaired, Kryptos) Qual: 7th
5. Leander Lacey (RSA, LaceyLuge, Pegless, Faired, Abec 11) Qual: 2nd - 2.10.9?
6. Pete Eliot (UK, Rogers Pegs sawn off, Faired, Abec 11) Qual: 6th
7. Bill Smrtic (USA, SmrticLuge, Pegless, Faired, Abec 11) Qual: 13th
8. Yvon Labarthe (SUI, Pegged Luge, unfaired, Kryptonics)
Mostly Randal Luge trux except for Wagner and Smrtic on Z-rollers.

Classic / Buttboard:
1. Michael ? from Austria
2. Brent DeKeyser
3. Leander Lacey
4. Andy Lally
5. Robert Lammlein
6. Jeremy Gilder
7. Richard Hod
8. Oliver Binder (makes great hi-tech buttboards!)
All on Flashbacks except Robert L. Mixtures of trucks, R-IIs and taped-up Randal luge trucks.

1. Chris Chaput (on a borrowed board)
2. Rafael Schaffner
3. Martin Siegrist

Standup Skateboard:
1. .. Carne (France)
2. Mikey Zietsman (RSA)
3. Stuart Bradburn (RSA)
4. Darryl Freeman (Hawaii)

Gravity Bikes Faired:
1. Firman (USA)
2. DK (USA)
3. Ian Round (UK)

Conditions were slippery from dust on the track (no rain for 10 days!), and the road was a bit worse than last year but still pretty good. There were some practice accidents from inexperienced riders in the top corners, including Tim Hilton on a skateboard, Stacy Allen on the Carousel, and a 14-year-old swedish guy, Victor who broke his leg in the first corner. Best wishes to them and to Leander Lacey who hurt himself in an unrelated afterparty skateboard accident.
Race Stories to come...

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