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Front Royal Results-Success!!!!

Posted By: DrNo on 12/1/02 @ 12: 25 p.m.

Kim, Bob and I would like to thank all who made it out to join in the fun (and snow! Oh yeah, and hail! And rain!). The weather threatened us with disaster but never really caused a problem. We had a small drizzle of rain that at one point turned into snow flakes then hail. All were short bursts that did wet the course and make it slippery but alas the sun popped back out and the course dried back up (no, it did not warm up, just dried the course).

The racing was tight and good competition throughout all the classes. All racers gave it their best while racing as safe as possible, only one sprained wrist as a result of the days racing!

It was a pleasure to see all of you again and I look forward to seeing you again at the races next season.

Front Royal Downhill Challenge Official Results:

Rookie Street Luge
1st Place Roland Morrison
2nd Place Ivy Nye
3rd Place Justin Crenshaw
Junior Buttboard
1st Place Ashleigh Cayer
Amatuer Street Luge
1st Place Roland Morrison
2nd Place Victor Schumacher
3rd Place David Dean
1st Place Darren Lott ($100.00)(Course Time-1min 13sec)
2nd Place Chris McBride
3rd Place Sean Clarke
Pro Street Luge
1st Place Darren Lott ($100.00) (Kryptonics)
2nd Place Jeff Schonzeit($80.00) (Xtreme Wheels)
3rd Place Eric Eisenburg ($50.00) (Abec 11 Flywheels)
4th Place Sean Clarke ($40.00)
5th Place Kyle Cayer ($30.00)
1st Place Jason Breault ($60.00)
2nd Place Jeff Schonzeit
3rd Place Mackenzie Cayer
  Downhill Skateboarding
1st Place Jim Ziemlanski ($80.00)
2nd Place Doug Dupin
3rd Place Michel Maurice

Congratulations to all the riders who made the podium! Dollar amounts next to each name indicates the purse won by that rider.

Thanks Again! to for sponsoring the prize money for the Pro Luge class. Thanks to Abec 11 for the trophies for the Pro Luge, Am Luge, Buttboard, Gravity Bike & Downhill Skateboarding classes! I would also like to thank all the volunteer course workers who came out to see their first luge event and gladly helped out doing a fantastic job!

Tim & Brenda Cayer, Jim Whitaker, Jenna Morrison, Eric's Mom (I'll remember one of these days! I promise!) thank you for all your help!

Thank You to all our sponsors:
Abec 11
Pizza Hut
Predetor Bearing Co.
Southern States
Xtreme Wheels

And last but not least to Northern Virginia Four-H Educational Center for allowing us to use their awesome facility!

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