Events: EDI Barrett, SD 4/28/02
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Barrett Junction Streetluge Results

Posted By: Chris Chaput on 4/28/02 @ 11: 57 p.m.

I almost forgot...

The Rogers Bros pegless luges passed technical inspection and are allowed to race in EDI. This is an important decision in the evolution of our sport. When advancements in technology are allowed in racing, everyone wins. After seeing a couple of situations in the racing today where riding pegless allowed the Rogers Bros to get out of harms way, some of the guys who used to be "pro mandatory pegs" have now seen how safe and effective this form of racing is.


After the race, Mr. & Mrs. Rogers were very happy for Dave, Claudia, John, Pat, Rob, Pam & Brent.

Dave and Johns pegless luges on top of Ruhmans pegged version.
Abec 11

Posted By: Chris Chaput on 4/28/02 @ 11: 41 p.m.

Podium sweep for the guys who train together at the cheesegrater. Everyone but Jeremy was riding 83mm Abec 11 wheels. Pam Zoolalian and Mike McIntyre used the 70mm Abec 11 Flashbacks and qualified 5th and 7th.

This was a happy group of guys. More to follow...
Abec 11

Posted By: Marylou Chaput on 4/28/02 @ 6: 44 p.m.

Just got off the phone with Chris and he gave me the results of the amateur and pro streetluge results from Sunday's EDI race.

Amateur class:
1. Pat Moody (Abec 11 wheels)
2. Brent DeKeyser (Abec 11)
3. Jeremy Kahn (76mm Kryptos)
4. Andy Lally (Abec 11)

Pro class:

1. Dave Rogers (Abec 11)
2. John Rogers (Abec 11)
3. Rob Ruhman (Abec 11)

Chris will add more later (with pics).

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