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NSLA - May 16, 1999
Hanging Rock & Roll - Madison, Indiana

The second event of the 1999 season was held in the warm and friendly town of Madison, Indiana. A challenging 1.1 mile course that was as smooth as glass. Technical at the top and fast and furious at the bottom. Pilots had to put on the rubber while traveling an estimated 65 mph after crossing the finish line giving the fans a good look at braking technique. The turn to learn was the "hanging rock" turn where the 180 degrees looks at you in front of a gaping mouth of limestone. It seems Travis Tripp learned the secret line because he was well ahead of the pack when the finish line approached a half mile later.

Between 1800 to 2000 spectators watched the event throughout the day. They were treated to a show of speed and shoulder to shoulder racing. Many stayed the entire day bringing enough food and drinks to stave off the swealtering heat. Some even took advantage of the free clinic we held for would be future pilots during the lunch break. Several walked away talking about building their first luge including a state trooper who was quite excited about his run down the bottom of the course.

The pro event was held first with early strong showings by Dave Auld, John Frey, Travis Tripp and Beagle Jarvis. Beagle was hungry for his second win of the season. After several heats John was knocked out of it by a close pass by Ed Bryant. The final heat was the most exciting to watch with a battle for 2nd, 3rd and 4th almost too close to call. Ed Bryant said it best, "you could have thrown a blanket over the three of us as we crossed the finish line." Travis crossed the line first with the "blanket bunch" trailing a good hundred feet behind.

The amateur division was next and one to stick around for. Some exciting moments were to be had for those who did. A couple of hay bales bit the dust, but the spot to have was at the hanging rock where Cheaha winner Al Braun took a closer look at the Indiana limestone kicking up rock and dust while his racing buddies left him behind. Al was unhurt and picked up his board and finished his heat taking fourth. Entering his first race, Ed Bryant protege Doug Anderson took home the gold while young Michael Gilmore continues to show us what the future of street luge will be. Louisville native, Jim Glasscock was able to hold onto third - his first podium.

The junior class was smaller than usual (yes, pun) and clean as these guys run, some of the pros could learn a thing or two.Scooter took home the Gold again while Mark Stroman went home smiling with a silver.

Pro Race Results
Position No. Pilot Points
1 12 Travis Tripp 50
2 911 Beagle Jarvis 40
3 101 Dave Auld 30
4 51 Ed Bryant 20
5 17 John Frey 10
6 146 John Freyer 9
7 123 Mark Meadows 8
8 57 David Forsyth 7
9 66 Bob Swartz 6
10 007 Matthew Richards 5
11 78 Justin Shannon 4
12 25 Kevin Shelton 3

Amateur Race Results
Position No. Pilot
1 48 Doug Anderson
2 15 Michael Gilmore
3 023 Jim Glasscock
4 35 Al Braun
5 65 Chris McBride
6 222 Brent Lehker
7 96 Pat Burdick
8 74 Tim Ruberg
9 7 Jim Whitaker
10 930 Dondo Halpern
11 712 Jason Baird
12 701 Bob Griglak
13 47 Mark Ruberg
14 8 Blakeman Stowe

Junior Race Results
Position No. Pilot
1 66 Scooter Swartz
2 33 Mark Stroman

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