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Bob Wagner,or Robert S Wagner as he is known today,of the old 4400 Campus Club in Norfolk,Va. is currently the premier longboard skateboard savage on the east coast. He rides an arsenal of 44"to 60" stiff boards and cuts freely at will at high speed with extreme body english . He rides a unique secret area in central he calls the Cobra,a 40 mph bomb rush that evolves into a 300'vertical climb and a 100'walk back to the start. He has been riding this area since 1998.Scares the hell out of drivers when they have a bomber flying uphill at them. Truly ,one of the best on the U.S.mainland .

del bohi - Web Site
Writes from: sharpsburg md USA on Sunday, 27-Nov-05 10:14:25 EST
Zambobian Hill Bomber Robert S Wagner of Virginia Beach has been actively shredding wheels since 1963. I recently saw him in West Virginia going downhill on a 60" Rhino Spear at 40 mph. He rides in the Virginia hill country, Maryland,and NC. The man knocks at the perpetual door of death every time he drops in at tells Satan he'll meet him for lunch. One of the world's best and worth watching the show!

Cheryl Mason - Web Site
Writes from: Virginia Beach va USA on Sunday, 23-Oct-05 00:57:42 EDT

Used this site when I was first starting out in 2004. All the big names are here, they know what they are doing, obviously from someone taking pictures at over 65 mph !! Moving to the east coast, we'll have to figure out a way to keep him interested. Don J

Don Jackson - Web Site
Writes from: Bensalem PA USA on Saturday, 15-Oct-05 20:31:46 EDT

visit for uk skateparks

madfire - Web Site
Writes from:   uk on Saturday, 07-May-05 13:14:49 EDT

Are websites (EDI) still up and running?

clark blakeman - Web Site
Writes from: austin TX USA on Saturday, 30-Apr-05 17:40:32 EDT

Great site, after watching the Street Luge videos it has made me want to do it even more. I have been skydiving alot but that gets a hella expensive. And i love to go fast so i think this sport is exactly what i am looking for. Know any good schools in California area. Preferably S. Cali or Centrel. Thx.

Evan - Web Site
Writes from: Chatsworth Ca USA on Friday, 29-Apr-05 04:56:14 EDT

Dave, Way cool site. It was awesome to be back riding again after such a long break. templin is always a blast. Just bwanted to say thanks for putting in so much of your time to this site. Let's luge! John

John Cazin - Web Site
Writes from: Yorba Linda Ca Ca USA on Friday, 08-Apr-05 13:36:58 EDT

GEEZ! All these years and I never visited this page!LOL Great site Dave, it was good seeing you in Ansted last year (2004) and sure I'll see ya again. It's that time again on the East Coast so we'll be out ridin as much as possible from now till October (then it's back to puttin blades on the luge and headin down different types of hills!!!

DrNo - Web Site
Writes from: Alexandria VA USA on Monday, 04-Apr-05 15:29:29 EDT

The previous entry from Dean Salter is perhaps typical of X Games expectations. I remember seeing grown men cry when they were eliminated during qualifying. Everyone thought an X Games victory would translate to real life success. What we missed is that the X Games were just... games.

Dave and I both qualified on wooden luges and then were told we couldn't race them. Dean Salter and Jim Kiper *did* step up and help us by making metal luges. I don't remember how much we paid, but I remember it was a pretty good deal for custom luges. For people who have read "Street Luge Survival Guide" this will not be a surprise. Dean and Jim are mentioned by name, along with illustrations I did of the boards. In fact "Bullet Board" is listed 3 times in the index, along with "Salter, Dean, " Kiper, Jim" (twice) and "" That's actually more index listings than Dave Auld has himself. I even listed "Bullet Board" in the exclusive manufacture's section, along with the likes of "Dregs" and "Randal Speed Trucks."

But perhaps Dean wasn't looking for recognition from the few thousand Lugers that read this book worldwide. Perhaps he wanted more. I know Marcus and Bob helped me get a "Bullet Board" with logo prominently featured in X Games coverage. It was a shot used several times.

Perhaps Dean never watched that year's coverage, and never read the book. Maybe he was hoping my third place medal would earn me an "Oscar Acceptance Speech" where I could extol the virtues of Dean and "Bullet Board" until I was dragged off stage, flashing my "" t-shirt, while Dean himself kicked back with Woody Allen, awaiting thousands of Paparazzi to hunt him down.

I'm not exactly sure what Dean really wanted. But it's obvious he wanted more.

Darren Lott - Web Site
Writes from: Orange CA USA on Sunday, 27-Mar-05 22:12:04 EST

it really is funny that when dave and darren went to the x-games in 97' the only people who would step up and help dave and darren go to the games, are the guys from bullet board street luge, who stepped up and built both riders a custum board, that not only performed well but also brought them medals as well, and no recognition was ever given to bullet board, just like the typical streetluger out for themselves. dean salter BULLET BOARD CO.

dean salter - Web Site
Writes from: west covina  ca USA on Saturday, 26-Mar-05 13:52:12 EST

Dear friends, this is a very great site. I don't know may be we have before or not because i use to many race event, am from one small country calling burkina faso in west africa,infact i always enjoy most of the races patispate, i will like you to link me to upcoming races if there is any because I would love to attend and possibly learn. hope to hear from you, monsuru

monsuru - Web Site
Writes from: ouagadougou ouaga burkinafaso on Wednesday, 23-Mar-05 16:24:21 EST

Hi everyone. Dave, this is a great site. I don't remember if we met or not, but I am Michael Shannon's daughter (or Justin Shannon's sister), the red-haired one. I used to attend most of the races and loved it, but ever since he quit, I haven't seen another race, I'd love to see more. I met most of the street lugers back at Ansted, Sam's Gap, Madison,IN, and a few other places. I remember Beagle, the loud funny one (he was posing nude for a magazine with only a helmet to cover himself at the Ansted race I attended), the Tripps, Scooter Swartz, Fast Eddy, Andy, and so many others. Anyway, to the point... I would love if people would email or im (yahoo-redgerbera36) me about any upcoming races (if any) because I would love to attend and possibly learn. Or I'd love to just hear from you! Chenoa

Chenoa Shannon - Web Site
Writes from:  KY USA on Tuesday, 08-Feb-05 14:55:14 EST
Site is fantastic as usual. I usually luge with MAD luging in Australia but I'm away in Scotland where it is cold and i think it's going to snow tomorrow, but I miss the luge and I was wondering if there are any luge groups around Scotland, I am in Dundee right now. give us a bell at

Ross - Web Site
Writes from: Dundee, but usually Brisbane  Scotland but Usually Australia on Monday, 24-Jan-05 12:06:22 EST
I have a had numerous people quering in Durban, South Africa, who to contact to get into street luge. I am avalible to help. Contact me on:

Graham - Web Site
Writes from: DUrban  South Africa on Monday, 17-Jan-05 04:49:08 EST
Hey Dave, great website. Amazing life choice that you've taken, I envious. This is not the career path i would have every guessed for you coming out of UMass, but wow. Big difference from Food Engineer. I went on to get a masters in engineering and you've mastered the roads! drop a line.

frank mcgovern - Web Site
Writes from: dallas tx USA on Friday, 14-Jan-05 19:57:34 EST
First of all,a big hello to anybody out there that might remember me-I raced in the mid 90's in california,and the inaugural Extreme Games in Providence RI.Bob Stiles and I were the first racers to use Randal trucks at a Luge event.Im stoked to see that Randals trucks are so well known now.What brought me to this site was a wild hair to see if anyone had ever started a street luge school.I always wanted to start my own school at Laguna Seca Raceway(I have worked there for 12 years now doing the "comline" and the track PA).I was shocked to find out that the school was only about 45 minutes away from where I live.I would really like to connect with Mr. Auld

Roger Rodgers - Web Site
Writes from: watsonville ca USA on Friday, 07-Jan-05 00:17:38 EST
Today we have lost a brother, a friend and a fellow competitor. We will miss you Lloyd! I want to appeal to all gravity riders of all disaplines, all over the world, to run a black stripe over the top of your helmet (or a white stripe if your helmet is black) in memory of Lloyd and all our other fallen brothers

Graham - Web Site
Writes from: DUrban  South Africa on Wednesday, 15-Dec-04 02:16:37 EST
Lloyd McPherson past away last night 13th Dec from a bad head injury, there is no price on safety its the most important aspect on downhill extreme. Pls review all safety equipment its very important.

 - Web Site
Writes from:   USA on Tuesday, 14-Dec-04 16:16:44 EST
This weekend we raced at Hot Heels Africa, World Cup Final and unfortunately there was a nasty accident. Please keep South African Stand up rider, Lloyd McPherson, who sustained very serious head injuries, and his family in your prayers and thoughts. I am pleading to everyone to check that their equipment is up to standard and that all precautions are taken. Your helmet may be in good condition but check to see if it is designed to take the impact that can be sustained in downhill racing, impact close on 120km/h (75m/h) I hear downhill racers in every disapline saying that our sport is safe and just appears dangerous due to the amounts of protective clothing that we are wearing. We got to stop kidding ourselves, our sport is dangerous, riders have to start taken their safety seriously. This is an appeal and I hope that it is taken seriously!

Anon - Web Site
Writes from:    on Tuesday, 14-Dec-04 09:10:25 EST
I'm glad I found your web site. My son is 7 years old, and has been driving me crazy to build him a street luge. We recently had our driveway paved which has a small hill, and it's quit long. So off I went to my shop to do some designing. Never having built one before, I'm having alot of fun doing it. I guess I'm thinking back to my younger days when I was always building something. The basic chassis is pretyy much done, I'm just waiting for the trucks and wheels to arrive, Hopefully in time for Christmas. If you would like to see my progress so far I'll send you some pic. Thanks again, Bob

Father of a speed demon - Web Site
Writes from: Manalapan NJ USA on Sunday, 05-Dec-04 14:22:21 EST
Hey dude! its dill here from madluging, just dropping a line that your sites wicked bro. if you ever end up down in brisbane anytime, come riding with some of the locals. it'd be great to learn some stuff from a pro. Thanks alot buddy Dill

Dill - Web Site
Writes from: Brisbane Qld Australia on Saturday, 02-Oct-04 22:57:32 EDT
Very good site, especially photos. I think you should extend boards chapter.

Zielu - Web Site
Writes from: Cracow  Poland on Saturday, 02-Oct-04 14:28:28 EDT
We recently had a race here in SA (24th-26th Sept) Slow hill, but it resulted in some close, exciting racing! Fortunatly there were very few crashes. The first time I have ridden since November 2003 and my screwed up leg gave no problems. When are we going to get some of you international racers (especially the USA riders) coming to SA to race so that we can give you guys a run. With the exchange rate as it is, it'll be a cheap trip for you and there is much to do, entertainment wise and many wild hills to ride! The standard of racing here is pretty high and will make for some close races. Come on, I dare you to take us on:-)

Graham Montanari - Web Site
Writes from: Durban  South Africa on Monday, 27-Sep-04 10:03:13 EDT
hey...i wonder what it would b like if we straped the board onto the toe bar of the car...then have a ride....probably not very safe...but...

Andrew Auld - Web Site
Writes from: Adelaide SA Australia on Thursday, 09-Sep-04 10:09:52 EDT

dave - Web Site
Writes from:   USA on Thursday, 09-Sep-04 10:05:02 EDT
no crap dude...i'm gonna sue ur ass...rite after my leg is better and we go for another spin eh?

Andrew Auld - Web Site
Writes from:   USA on Thursday, 09-Sep-04 10:02:46 EDT
Woooooo i am the person who mae the "Butt Board" which mr auld managed to mangle his leg on. Ps. Butt Boarding Rulz

Dave - Web Site
Writes from:  sa australia on Thursday, 09-Sep-04 09:59:14 EDT
and to make it even more embarassing, we caught all the action of my leg breaking on film!

Andrew Auld - Web Site
Writes from: Adelaide SA Australia on Thursday, 09-Sep-04 09:57:07 EDT
holy crap dudes, u have no idea how spooky this is not only is my last name auld, but recently i went crashing and tumbling over (or down rather) the road while is was butt boarding with some mates! As a result i turned my right leg into a puzzle of broken bones!

Andrew Auld - Web Site
Writes from: Adelaide SA Australia on Thursday, 09-Sep-04 09:53:29 EDT
I am a regular visitor to this site, as I see something new every time! As I said in a previous comment left here, I had a massive accident in November - I am still recovering and have about 70% use of my leg. Due to this accident I haven't ridden since, however I am missing it so much that I am considering bombing some hills in the very near future, dispite my bad leg! It is encouraging to see so many people building luges, now we need to see more people competeing!!!! Especially in South Africa! Anyway, Keep safe - Graham Montanari (Team Aztec - South Africa)

Graham Montanari - Web Site
Writes from: Durban  South Africa on Tuesday, 03-Aug-04 11:09:49 EDT
Hi Dave your wooden model inspired me to make my own luge board. I just finished 2 days ago, and it only cost me about 80-90 dollars! It works great! Today i reached speeds of over 45mph.And it was very exciting goin that fast after only a couple of test runs!

Durrel - Web Site
Writes from: St. Petersburg Fl USA on Saturday, 31-Jul-04 21:23:50 EDT
Hey, Great site. I just finished a board today based off your Skull board. Good Luck racing!

Mike - Web Site
Writes from:  IL USA on Monday, 26-Jul-04 00:01:19 EDT
hey dave im 17 ive been doing street luge for around 3 years now i just finished my metal luge inspired by the blue agngels and im waiting for the vancouver island adventure games in nanimo bc hope to see you there its sometime during september!

alex (duckman) moxin - Web Site
Writes from: campbell river  BC canada on Tuesday, 22-Jun-04 13:43:31 EDT
A very nice site.

maga mugu - Web Site
Writes from: lome togo USA on Friday, 09-Apr-04 11:44:20 EDT
Wicked site!!! I've been luging for about 2 years but competing in the last 8 months.Recently I competed in IGSA Hotheels Africa world cup finals, from which we have some awesome footage of some the biggest crashes. Will try get it to you.I, unfortunately was one of the many casualties. Tearing the ligaments, tendons and cartlige in my knee, putting me out for the rest of this year.Been on crutches for 4 months and 'look forward' to a second operation in 5 months time. The price for pushing the limits! I just want to encourage other visitors to your site to to compete because you learn so much from other competitors, however be careful! Anyway, work hard, but play even harder! keep safe-Graham Montanari, (Team Aztec) South Africa P.S.-Most sports require 1 ball, Real sports require 2!

Graham Montanari - Web Site
Writes from: Durban  south Africa on Wednesday, 07-Apr-04 05:26:51 EDT
Hey...nice work i really enjoy watching wat u guys do we have a little luge group together, we started on skateboards and are now using woodies and are trying to get a bit more serious...if u have an advice on building luge boards or tips on how to luge id love to hear it... thnxs

chris - Web Site
Writes from: brisbane Qld Australia on Tuesday, 23-Mar-04 22:40:05 EST
Does anyone have information on powered luges? I am very new to the sport, but I am corresponding with a German fellow who wants to build a jet engine for which I have the plans. He wants to strap it on his luge and go for the world record, which he says is 160 Km/H. (???) Can't be crazier than what you guys do on a regular basis anyway. --Paul

Paul Schwiesow - Web Site
Writes from: Arvada CO USA on Sunday, 07-Mar-04 17:08:18 EST
where are the pictures of 2002 redbull streets of san francisco? i missed it, do you (or anybody) have the picture of the poster for that contest or know where to get it? thanks. also, thanks for the site, it's so packed full of awesome pictures that make you feel like you're there- keep it up! -c

jinx - Web Site
Writes from:  ca USA on Friday, 20-Feb-04 03:38:04 EST
This is a great site. I love to look at the photo's . I have recently moved from IL to Ansted, WV (orginally from WV). Have never gotten to see you guys in action . I am looking forward to your next visit here .Do you know when that will be? Can you tell me where I can view the pictures from your last Lug race here in Ansted?

Joan - Web Site
Writes from: Ansted WV USA on Tuesday, 17-Feb-04 08:14:42 EST
Hello to all the REAL jumpers. When all of you were jumping I was off in the sidelines and you said things like, "Hey who the hell is that kid over there?". I started in 1967 and all these new jumpers today think that was a long time ago and that I have a low D license [2285], but I know my number is high and what a real low number is. AS I always tell them, "I didn't invent skydiving, but I jumped with the guys who did." Some of you I met are Bill Jolly, who was quite nice to 3 college kids traveling through Orange, Mass in summer of 1968. Also on that trip we met Jim and Marge Bates who also were great. And Nate Pond was around the DZ too. Later after our Inn jump, I got Lew Sanborn to sign my logbook at the Inn. I tended bar at the 18th Corp Club Bar on Fort Bragg in 1970 also, and even recall serving Tee Taylor a beer there. There were others too, but this is already too long. Glad to see this site and hope some preservation of the REAL early days is ongoing. tom Manship titten bigerotik Pflaume gratis scheuerfuchs livecam Webcam

Bammel Bommel - Web Site
Writes from: New York NY USA on Sunday, 15-Feb-04 06:02:02 EST
Hi, i'm from hungary, and i'd like to order trucks and wheels. but i dont know which website do i choose. so please tell me some links, where i can order trucks for my luge... thx visit our website, we are the only one riders in hungary!!:)

Csongor - Web Site
Writes from: Budapest  Hungary on Saturday, 17-Jan-04 16:52:58 EST
i luge with the guy who did the entry below this, we have some pretty good roads but we are gettin a bit tired of skateboards and we have summer holidays so we are going to build our own proper luge boards, there is five of us and we are building one each, anyone wanna give us some tips on how to make em, ps we are making them out of wood and my main worry is that they will bend in the middle were we put our backs any hints or anything would be greatly appreciated. thanx the keatsy

Keatsy - Web Site
Writes from: Brisbane QLD Australia on Friday, 28-Nov-03 00:49:47 EST
Dave, your site is tops. Me and my mates are lazy and so dont have proper boards as of yet, but we just grab skateboards and use those. We live in Ferny Hills, and incase the name isnt obvious enough, there are heaps of awesome hills here, they are all residential roads, but we have a great time, the cars and turns make it all the more challenging, I reckon on our hills we can get about 70 - 80 kph so obviously not as fast as with proper boards. Oh and to the guy about the wobbling board, they're speed wobbles. the only way you can stop them is by tightening the trucks up so hard you cant steer, so you really just have to learn to control them. they come in at about 45 kph on skateboards, and to stop them we usually put our elbows out, relax, or put your knees out so it looks like your giving birth or sumthing. We film suum of our practise luging on a quiet hill, and there are some videos of it at my website:

Bunteh - Web Site
Writes from: Brisbane (Ferny Hills!) QLD Australia on Tuesday, 25-Nov-03 21:38:32 EST
does anybody have e-mail address for simon gunning?

rodga harvey - Web Site
Writes from:   USA on Tuesday, 25-Nov-03 05:02:00 EST
Firstly I have to say this is a great web site I really enjoyed browsing through it. Secondly I have a favor to ask of anyone who reads this. I have built two Street luge’s, both out of wood my first one is quite similar to the luge Dave is now working on. And when I took it of a test run it was fine until I got to about 30MPH, at that point it started to wobble to a point where it almost through me off the board. At this time I changed the design of the board in that I got rid of the plastic spacers in exchange for wood blocks and I straightened up the trucks so they were both facing exactly the same way. But still the Luge wobbled about the same. So I built another board this time out of high quality Oak accept for being a little wider it is almost the same as Dave’s first Skull board. This time I used 11.5-inch tracker 219 trucks and 85MM wheels. I thought for sure this would get rid of the problem but again the board wobbled, possibly even worse than before. I have tried to find help in the Street Luge Survival Guide and I still have no idea how to improve my board, my only other thought is to possibly add as second set of trucks and wheels, hopefully to offset the wobble. Being that I am in Ohio and I don’t know anyone here that street luge's I was hoping someone out there may be so kind as to offer their opinion. You can email me at Thank you all very much, Dave

David Roesner - Web Site
Writes from: Columbus  Oh USA on Sunday, 16-Nov-03 11:15:24 EST
I really love your web site.

homeboy owerri asaba - Web Site
Writes from: Lome Florida USA on Wednesday, 01-Oct-03 04:50:35 EDT
Great site, was very useful to build our first luge. Moving on to metal as we speak. Come ride the Flatirons where 70mph is the norm!

David - Web Site
Writes from: Boulder CO USA on Thursday, 25-Sep-03 19:19:21 EDT
Maryland underground street luge circuit represents! 100% homemade and fast as hell luges. Special thanks to Max!

Jake Snider - Web Site
Writes from: Hyattsville Md USA on Thursday, 04-Sep-03 20:16:37 EDT
Hello! I´m happy to sign your guestbook! Best wishes from Germany

buchversand - Web Site
Writes from:   DE on Wednesday, 03-Sep-03 09:38:44 EDT
Great site !! nothing more nothing less ;)

Konrad Galazka - Web Site
Writes from: Cracow  Poland on Sunday, 24-Aug-03 12:46:25 EDT
everyone out there me and my street luge team goverment cheeZe need to get sponcerd cause were to dame poor to afford to support ourselves

wikid  - Web Site
Writes from: portland or USA on Thursday, 14-Aug-03 20:50:39 EDT

Writes from: ORLANDO FLORIDA USA on Wednesday, 18-Jun-03 12:10:35 EDT
Whats up califonia boys, You street luge guys are nuts, Started a longboard skateboard company back east and was wondering if you guys would check out the site and let me know what you think. Original Carving Longboard Skateboards

Scott - Web Site
Writes from: Newton NJ USA on Tuesday, 17-Jun-03 18:54:43 EDT
Hey Dave, Some friends and I fly hang gliders in the Talihina area and more spacificly we have a launch at the top of "Dead mans curve" on the Drive. I missed your show last year but won't this year. My son and I are making plans to attend and hope to get some air time as well. Wish it would have happened this weekend as the wind was out of the N/E direction and that's when we launch our Panarama Site and we could have all been over there on the drive together. Enjoyed your site, it got around to most of our members the last week or so. Hope you have a great time and a good turn out. I'll try to find you on the hill. Long Live Gravity Sports!!!

Bruce 2 - Web Site
Writes from: Edmond Ok USA on Sunday, 01-Jun-03 07:23:48 EDT

GUY - Web Site
Writes from:   USA on Friday, 25-Apr-03 17:09:06 EDT
hi Dave! hope you are well!do you come to HotHeels this year.hope to see you there. cheers,Jogi

JOGI - Web Site
Writes from:   Germany on Friday, 25-Apr-03 07:27:29 EDT

Vonage - Web Site
Writes from: SIlver SPring MD USA on Monday, 14-Apr-03 17:18:33 EDT
Hi. You have very nice web-site, i wanna introduce my web-pages as well.

ozgur - Web Site
Writes from: istanbul  Turkey on Saturday, 12-Apr-03 06:03:03 EDT
HEY HEY!!!!! You street luge in the northwest?? If so drop me a line

Stephen H. - Web Site
Writes from: portland OR USA on Monday, 07-Apr-03 16:30:38 EDT
Hi, I love your website, the photos are awesome. I`m proud to say I live in the street where the street luge took place. I`ve lived here almost 3 years and haven`t heard of anymore street luge races. Will there be anymore in the town of Ansted?

Wendy B - Web Site
Writes from: Ansted WV USA on Saturday, 05-Apr-03 23:37:49 EST
hey ure site. when u get some spare timecaould u email me some info about R-II's?? like stability, Turning etc compared to other trucks and how u set the m up etc. Thanks in Advance. Big Ears

Pat aka Big Ears - Web Site
Writes from: Brisbane Qld Australia on Saturday, 29-Mar-03 06:53:10 EST
nice page

jan - Web Site
Writes from:   USA on Friday, 28-Mar-03 07:42:33 EST

GUYMAN - Web Site
Writes from: Los Angeles CA USA on Wednesday, 19-Mar-03 05:33:48 EST
We dig your boards. - Web Site
Writes from:   USA on Sunday, 16-Mar-03 21:11:54 EST
UK STREET LUGE INJURY: For DISCOVERY DOCUMENTARY Hi, I'm trying to locate a gentleman (from the UK) who was badly injured in a Street Luge accident that resulted in a badly severed leg. I'm trying to locate him, or other street luge accidents in the UK, for a Discovery Channel documentary in production. Kind regards, Travis Gray

Travis Gray - Web Site
Writes from:   USA on Tuesday, 11-Mar-03 17:18:44 EST
Hi, I am looking for anyone who luges within about 50 miles of Omaha, NE.

Lance - Web Site
Writes from: Omaha NE USA on Monday, 24-Feb-03 15:37:48 EST
Barrett Junction Outlaw 2003 Extreme Gravity Event First GBA Sanctioned Race of 2003. February 22nd - 23rd. Events: Street Luge, Butt Board, Standup Speedboard and Gravity Bike. (Other Events will be considered). Entry Fees: $25.00 First Event, $15.00 Each Additional Event. Contributions Still Needed: Uhaul, Hay Bales, Radios, Flags, Cones, Netting and prizes. Volunteers for course workers are also needed and Greatly Appreciated! If Interested in Volunteering, Sponsoring, Participating or being a Vendor for the Event, Please Contact: M. Waterhouse

M.Waterhouse - Web Site
Writes from: Lakeside CA USA on Thursday, 30-Jan-03 17:14:10 EST
Absolutely great site, and like a lot of others, has inspired me to build my own. Though I suspect it is a blasphemous question, I wonder why no one has figured a way to motorize one of these (other than the rocket powered webpage). Here in Houston, you can't buy a hill.

Bill Fester - Web Site
Writes from: Houston TX USA on Saturday, 25-Jan-03 18:44:33 EST
Hey man, thanx for all the pics and lay outs on the boards, me and some friends are trying this out. thanx and if you have any tips just email me.

Befler - Web Site
Writes from: Cass City MI USA on Wednesday, 04-Dec-02 19:59:23 EST
Thanx for the stuff on your web site. me and some friends are in to luge and where thinking of building a board. After looking at some of your board pics and lay outs i think i know what to do and how to do it Thanx a lot man

Smokie - Web Site
Writes from: cass city MI USA on Wednesday, 04-Dec-02 19:13:25 EST
Everyone Say Hooray! It's time to start thinking about taking the trip for a weekend of Racing in BARRETT JUNCTION ( Standup Speedboard, Street Luge, Butt Boarding, Gravity Bike and In Line Events. I would like everyone's feedback on "when" in the next few months we should have the race? If you are interested in sponsoring, volunteering or have any other questions, please call or email at: Michelle or Frank "Homemade" Waterhouse or 619-390-3745

M. Waterhouse - Web Site
Writes from: Lakeside CA USA on Friday, 15-Nov-02 14:34:37 EST
I live on Twin Pines Road; right across from the starting point for your rides. I watched from my porch all morning this past mid- October- I just thought at the time that you were nuts, but it really does look like fun. Next time you guys plan something like that, I'll walk over and introduce myself- bring over some beers or whatever... I would be interested in learning more...

Morgan Ohler - Web Site
Writes from: Banning CA USA on Wednesday, 13-Nov-02 16:18:59 EST
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Would you likt to get a Free Sticker from: Sector 9 Skateboards Gullwing Trucks Pleasure Tool Bearings Kryptonics Wheels Fork Clothing Dirtbag Clothing Send a #10 SASE to: F.Waterhouse 8247 #2 Linden Drive Lakeside,CA 92040 TWO STICKERS PER REQUEST, PLEASE. Brought to you by:

Michelle Waterhouse - Web Site
Writes from: Lakeside CA USA on Saturday, 02-Nov-02 10:40:48 EST
I think everyone before me has comented on the great quality of your what the hell, so will I. It's Great! I am fairly new to the sport, and after watching the x-games in previous years, i decided to take it up... it looked like such a rush! I coned my engineering teacher into letting me design a luge for an indepent study my senior year... it was a mamoth one made from welded tubular steel, and it weighed close to 40 lbs...Yikes! I've built a number of boards, but i am still partial to my "woody". We have some sweet roads out here in Colorado, it would be cool to see a leauge start up out here! Good luck in all of your future races!

Brooks - Web Site
Writes from: Colorado Springs CO USA on Tuesday, 29-Oct-02 00:56:14 EST
Great site! Its fun to see how many from all over the world are involved in this. I'll add your site link with mine

Rick Wilson - Web Site
Writes from: san diego ca USA on Saturday, 26-Oct-02 15:20:20 EDT
Nice site!

JB Software - Web Site
Writes from: South Bend IN USA on Wednesday, 16-Oct-02 13:54:10 EDT
the link doesnt work, so....our hompage:

Csongor - Web Site
Writes from:   USA on Friday, 27-Sep-02 11:54:57 EDT
i love this site, great pix!!! bye

Csongor - Web Site
Writes from: Budapest  Hungary on Friday, 27-Sep-02 11:52:49 EDT
Great site, After not riding for over 25 years I was able to hook up with Sam Puccio and ride at Steve Pearls place in N.Calif. Sam was the first LUGE at signal hill in 1976, I was on a kneeboard, we both went 54 mph that year but Sam was the WINNER as my 54 mph run was in a tiebreaker for 2nd place with Tommy Ryan. My LUGE was built two weeks later, and I still have it,LUGE RACING WAS STARTED BY SAM PUCCIO, So give him the credit, Thanks for a great site, The need for speed never dies, even when your over 48 years old....Blackhill La Costa 1976 John Hughes

John Hughes - Web Site
Writes from: Carlsbad Calif USA on Tuesday, 24-Sep-02 13:20:07 EDT
Way back in the late 70's me and a few of my friends used to race each other on our skateboards in a sitting down position.We never had a name for this crazy game we used to play but it was great fun!

nigel rowell - Web Site
Writes from: denbury  south devon england on Sunday, 22-Sep-02 13:05:11 EDT
Would you likt to get a Free Sticker from: Sector 9 Skateboards Gullwing Trucks Pleasure Tool Bearings Kryptonics Wheels Fork Clothing Dirtbag Clothing Send a #10 SASE to: F.Waterhouse 8247 #2 Linden Drive Lakeside,CA 92040 TWO STICKERS PER REQUEST, PLEASE. Brought to you by:

Frank "Homemade" Waterhouse - Web Site
Writes from: Lakeside CA USA on Tuesday, 17-Sep-02 15:29:50 EDT
redbull skidroad 2002 seattle....wicked,wicked fun. lugenstein, good 2 meet jah, where are you at? thanx terry, lost yer email, see y'all at speedfest 2002 sept 28, whistler bc on "cardiac hill"...longboarding, canadian-style. (contact: streetmissile @ 604-902-4064) next 4:20, visit video archives "street missile meets chronic frog" for a 10 min dose of quebecois/english very silly sexy comedy drugs/punkmusic/streetlugeing guerilla-film made in 24 hours for 24hourfilmcontest, vancouver. extended-luge version avail. soon, + many more films 2 cum.

supersarah - Web Site
Writes from: whistler bc canada on Wednesday, 28-Aug-02 16:15:59 EDT
Dave, Are you coming to Philadelphia for the X-Games? Let me know.

Rodger Ziolkowski - Web Site
Writes from: Wyomissing PA USA on Tuesday, 13-Aug-02 13:40:59 EDT
I just built the skull land luge board and its working great. the 2002 Gravity Games just came buy were i live and it was awseome.

Joel Gardner - Web Site
Writes from: Buffalo NY USA on Thursday, 01-Aug-02 23:58:45 EDT
Too bad SW Florida is too flat for luging. The photos are great! Pam Z if you happen to come across this message, drop me an e-mail.

Maria Richter - Web Site
Writes from: Lehigh Acres Florida USA on Wednesday, 24-Jul-02 10:57:32 EDT
Hi, I'm contacting you because flavorpill - a weekly email newsletter ( is featuring your 7/27 Red Bull Streets of SF Luge event in our upcoming issue. We like to do giveaways whenever possible with our listing so if you could spare a few tickets, guest spots, t-shirts, or anything else you'd like to give away, that would be great! Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks...spread the flavor, Jen Bachman P.S. Have you signed up for our free weekly email yet? Let me know if I can do that for you, I'd be more than happy to!!

Jen - Web Site
Writes from: New YORK NY USA on Saturday, 20-Jul-02 18:41:57 EDT
Best site Dave keep up the nice work. Call me when you come over to the devils pit. Skid PS Hope to see you in NY. Ill be there to race.

Skid - Web Site
Writes from: Phoenix AZ USA on Wednesday, 10-Jul-02 01:37:43 EDT
May 20, 2002 My name is Jason King and I am a Producer for the Fox Sports Net show “You Gotta See This”. Currently we are looking for video for our upcoming shows. We are the #1 rated program on the network and this would be a great way to get people to see your sport on television. We are looking for clips we can base a story around. This means it must have before and after video (not just a quick clip of a wipeout). We pay very well for this kind of tape. We also are looking to interview people involved if we decide to do a story, so please try and get contact info for us and include it in your package. If you are not familiar with our show it is on Fox Sports Net all the time with new episodes airing on Saturday Nights. We are a clip show that airs amazing video from all different sports. Death Defying crashes / Shattered Bones / Nude Sports / Fights / anything that is real and hardcore and sports related we do. *We do not however ever air clips of people dying so please don’t send them. If you have any questions please e-mail me at work I am in the office from 9:00am to 6:00pm Mon – Fri. If you would like to call me please do so @ 310-264-1827. We are going to be buying a lot of video during the next few months so please send your tape as soon as you can. If you can’t afford to send a tape or think it would be faster please ask for our fed-ex # so your package won’t cost you anything to send. Please send all tapes to You Gotta See This Attn – Jason King 1811 Centinela Ave Santa Monica, CA, 90404 Jason King Producer

Jason - Web Site
Writes from: Hollywood ca USA on Tuesday, 21-May-02 15:13:17 EDT
this page is very nice, i like the photos most! we have a new streetluge page:

tomse - Web Site
Writes from: Seckau  Austria on Monday, 29-Apr-02 09:49:44 EDT

Eric - Web Site
Writes from: N/y N/Y CITY USA on Monday, 22-Apr-02 17:59:22 EDT
Sweet site. stellar vids. i especially like the streets of sf one! later. max

Max Lanman - Web Site
Writes from: LA CA USA on Tuesday, 16-Apr-02 02:37:37 EDT
As always Dave, love your picture pages. Reminds me "why" every time. Cya on the course. J

JamZ - Web Site
Writes from:  AZ USA on Wednesday, 10-Apr-02 22:23:33 EDT
I like this website it's great. I have been intrested in Luge boarding for some time now but its not exactly a popular sport in England so there arent really any street Luge events to go to. I have always wanted to get into it so today I built a crappy one and went down a massive hill in my local park and it was totally Dope.

James 'who's he' Priest - Web Site
Writes from: Sheffield  UK on Thursday, 04-Apr-02 14:48:53 EST
Hey Dave great to see the guest book up as I have been wanting to drop you a line and thank you for all the great info. I have built my own board and riden it in clermont florida this past friday with phil kirkland who is experienced and showed me the "right" way not to get killed. I rode a beginner hill with a couple of turns at 43 mph and then we moved to a larger hill which I achieved 60 mph on the straight run. It was great! Got to crash once too(into a curb) at 35 that was an eye opener but with the right gear all went well. Cant wait to ride again and I have hooked up with the fla luge assoc. and were planning a fun run soon. Maybe we can send you some photos for your site to prove you can ride in florida! Well any how just wanted to touch base and say thanks again!

john d colmorgen - Web Site
Writes from: bradenton fl USA on Sunday, 31-Mar-02 21:23:57 EST
Guestbook is back up and running.

David Auld - Web Site
Writes from: Lake Forest CA USA on Saturday, 30-Mar-02 20:03:25 EST

Hey Dave,
I was had a question about one of your first boards. I was wondering if there were two or three piecies of 2x4 where you put your sholders, and where you lay your backside. I saw the specs in your boards section. If you could get back to me on this topic it would be greatly appreciated.
Adam - White Lightening

Adam McShannock
Kitchener, ON Canada - Monday, February 25, 2002 at 20:07:48 (PDT)

hi all
i live on a small island which i have just discoverd is good 4 luge, so my friends and i have decided to build one the only problem is we cant get the right equipment over here(except 4 the body) if any one has any cheap accesories they wanna sell please e-mail me. also does any one no where i can get trucks, bearings, and wheels from?

reece fallaize
guernsey guernsey uk - Wednesday, February 20, 2002 at 03:51:13 (PDT)

Hi Dave,
these days i got 30 years old!I had a 4 days Party with Jogi and Moadl! -Trainingscamp for the DHX in Capetown-
the boys are ready to rock Capetown!
mothers take care of your daughters!!!Greetings to the best Downhill site! EIMER

Eimer(Weedmarshall-Hot Heels)
Bavaria Germany - Sunday, February 10, 2002 at 08:35:35 (PDT)

hey all,
looking for race leathers, if anybody has anything, no matter what condition (ripped to shreds is ok,) for VERY LITTLE or free, like i said CONDITION is not a factor, give me an email,

still lookin for sponsorship

jason "superman" breault
newark, de USA - Saturday, February 09, 2002 at 16:42:45 (PDT)

Did you know of this URL?


Pennington, NJ USA - Friday, February 08, 2002 at 19:07:45 (PDT)

Though i haven't touched up on this in awhile, im still looking for Lugers who live in New Mexico or close by maybe in arizona or colorado that would like to ride down here. So far ive only got a handful of people here but i cant imagine since ive been on the news and stuff, there still isnt anybody here picking up on it yet besides my team and a few peeps i already know of. If u do ride here let me know and i will set u up with some great luge runs.


Justin aka Nemesis
Alb., NM USA - Friday, February 08, 2002 at 08:37:02 (PDT)

hey all, i have plans for a modification you can do to your tennis shoes to make them last much much longer and get rid of the "catch-jolts" of too soft rubber,
email me FLAMINGSTIX1986@CS.COM,
this is great, ive used it myself and it works like a dream, big money saver,

jason "superman" breault
newark, de USA - Tuesday, February 05, 2002 at 19:36:48 (PDT)

hey , great site dave,
im a 15/m currently new to the sport, but have my own sled, and im looking for another person my age or older (pref older) to go riding with, experienced or not, doesnt matter, also, im looking for a sponsorship so i can join the amateur racing class in the RAIL stuff, so if you wanna hook up and ride, thatd be cool, NORTHERN DELAWARE ppl , unless you want to drive 2 hours to ride,
if you have info on either
contact me at
when you call, an answering machine will pick upo, simply say "this message is for jason breault, " then repete the name, someone will pick up ( we have to screen the calls through the answe5ring machine due to excessive telemarketers)
or email me at
lookin to luge,

jason breault

newark, de USA - Tuesday, February 05, 2002 at 14:17:36 (PDT)

Thank you for your ace photos. I'm a trainee EFL teacher and am teaching the subject of extreme sport next lesson & I needed some fab photos. WOW,WOW,WOW- WHAT A SPORT! WOW & ONCE MORE WOW, MIND BLOWING. Perhaps I'll take this up instead. Cheers and good luck, Sarah.

Sarah UK - Monday, January 28, 2002 at 11:10:07 (PDT)

very cool site hope we kick butt

danville, vt USA - Monday, January 28, 2002 at 08:17:20 (PDT)

Your site is awesome! I only recently started building a board after I accidentally came across your site. After watching the Americana Home Video (The Offspring) I developed an interest for the sport and your site has heaps of rad shots and great board designs.

Keep it up, take it easy.

B. S. D. R.
Sydney, NSW Australia - Sunday, January 13, 2002 at 03:33:54 (PDT)


Great page... as a true beginer i have to say that your page gave me the best info to start understanding the sport.

I am writing from Peru-South America... Its been in my mind for a long time the idea of going downhill in a board. As far as i know there is not one street ludger here in Peru from whom to learn the basics.

I will realy apreciate someone who can give me guidelines on how to beging in a very low budget without killing myself... As you can imagine this will be a solitary adventure for the moment... i am sure friends will stop calling me crazy once they have the oportunity to try it... And hopefully a Peruvian team will be on the road soon.

Please a hand so we can start a passion around here. I wish to make some basic questions and receive all the recomendations everybady can give.
If you or anyone whants anything from lima peru i will be pleased to help specialy in the travelling stuff since i am a Latin America tour leader.

Have lots of fun... hope to be going downhill at 80kmphour very soon.



Jorge Salas (George)
Lima Peru - Sunday, December 30, 2001 at 11:08:32 (PDT)

dave whats up?flipping through your photo's and saw cattle guard aftermath(ouch)i just moved back from mt shasta ca(street luger's dream)where i came across a cattle guard at 50+mph fortunatley my outcome was a little better(lost both rear trucks and fishtailed about 50 yards)anyways i'd like to meet you in person if at all possible i've been lugeing about three years now and am hooked on the sport though not interested in competition.just looking for some people to ride with(bunch of chickens here in s.b.)i ride a woody fashioned from an old paramedic back board(fitting huh?)my top speed to date has been 78-80mph(brother followed me in pick up)I'm 34 yrs old and can travel rather easily.please if you have the time contact me or if anyone who reads this and lives near santa barbara and is not afraid to haul ass e-mail me at

robert honeyman

SANTA BARBARA, ca USA - Monday, December 24, 2001 at 18:30:06 (PDT)

I wanted to know how I can get into street luge tornumants.
The problem is I am only 11. By the way, you site is the COOLEST!!!

Chris Jones

Pert, WA Australia - Monday, December 24, 2001 at 00:55:27 (PDT)

Message for Rob Rhuman:
I was wondering if you knew anything about your family background. I it rather interesting to see someone else with the same name. (Not many "rhumans" out there.
Robert Rhuman

Robert Rhuman
Lincoln City, OR USA - Thursday, December 20, 2001 at 22:53:10 (PDT)

I am gettin just into streetluge and was wondering if you could give me any tips on how to design my own specially designed board or tell me if I could by one other wise great site.

Mike Wells
Belleville, Il USA - Monday, December 17, 2001 at 12:39:13 (PDT)

Hi Dave,
I am doing a school project on street luge can you please pass on informatoin on the History of street luge and where I can lean how to do it.
Thank you.

Burrillville, RI USA - Thursday, December 06, 2001 at 13:06:59 (PDT)

Hi Dave I am being a project for school on street luge may have history on it and a place where I can lean to street luge in Rhode Island or in the Mass, or CT

burrillville, ri USA - Thursday, December 06, 2001 at 13:03:43 (PDT)

Hi Dave I am being a project for school on street luge may have history on it and a place where I can lean to street luge in Rhode Island or in the Mass, or CT

burrillville, ri USA - Thursday, December 06, 2001 at 13:03:28 (PDT)

Lookin for any one in MEXICO that street luges. I would love to learn to ride and build street luges.PLEASE CONTACT ME

Carlos Marcin
MEXICO CITY MEXICO - Friday, November 30, 2001 at 16:25:52 (PDT)

lookin for any one in the edmonton area that street luges. i would love to learn to ride and build street luges

bradley minty
Edmontyon, ab Canada - Monday, November 26, 2001 at 09:33:19 (PDT)

I absolutely can't get enough of this page.
If ANYONE is in the Canberra area and wants to luge, bell me at my address ( I know it's a long shot, but you have to try!)
Anyways, great site.

Simon Atkinson
Canberra, ACT Australia - Sunday, September 30, 2001 at 01:11:45 (PDT)

Hi Dave!
please check my homepage:
keep riding

Jonas Jungblut
Berlin Germany - Tuesday, September 11, 2001 at 13:21:34 (PDT)

Hello Dave!
Nice site! Soon you can watch many pictures from hotheels on my site! See you in Rio,

Jochen Baumann
Dillingen Germany - Sunday, August 05, 2001 at 04:30:21 (PDT)

I live in fullerton,where do you ride and could I come watch sometime,I would be interested in trying it, thanks

mark moore
fullerton, ca USA - Sunday, July 22, 2001 at 22:54:11 (PDT)

Great site, yesterday for some reason i decided i wanted to build a street luge, being an ex-paratrooper i hadnt had much fun in a while and decided to look it up on the net and i found your site. That was last night, today i went out and found all the parts i needed to build a replica of your street luge on this page, in 3 stops no less. And in 6 hours of work i had a rolling chassis minus a head rest, that works really well, although i have only tested it at 20 some odd miles an hour, it runs really nice. I built it off the slimlined luge you have posted, and now i get to my question, how much flex in the middle is acceptable, i have reinforced the back pan with some 3/4 inch aluminum strips, but im still getting a good amount of flex. At 20 miles an hour its fine, i just dont want to find out its not fine at higher speeds, my next question is how big a spacer should i use on my trucks and what affect comes into play with the spacers? Im waiting on my luge survivail guide to come in before i really hit the monster hills we have in Austin Tx, believe it or not austin has some really nice rolling roads here, I dont know why street luging isnt bigger here. If you or anyone else couldnt help me out i would really appreciate it.

Yorke Oldfather
Austin, Tx USA - Tuesday, July 17, 2001 at 21:38:24 (PDT)

hi im a street luger from delaware. i am really interested in going to see the street luging event this summer at the x games. but im having trouble finding the location. i looked on and they said it was at falls road in franklin park. but i cant find were that is in PA. can you please hepl me out. i would really eprishiate it.

evan williams
wilmington , de USA - Tuesday, July 17, 2001 at 18:39:32 (PDT)

Shrapnel Films was here

Shrapnel Films/BODRODZ
Atlanta, GA USA - Saturday, July 14, 2001 at 20:36:17 (PDT)

Hey Dave:

Long time no see! I'm working on a T-shirt tie in and checked your site out. "KOOOOOL"! One heck of a site with
just about everyting you need to informed. I got lost in the pictures and forgot what I came for. "Great Job and Great site". You and Darrin are awesome.

David Tymony
Buena Park, Ca USA - Friday, June 22, 2001 at 14:54:41 (PDT)

Hey Dave....the new look turned out great! Hope to see you this weekend a Donner.

Darren Pineau
Calgary Canada - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 08:24:12 (PDT)

Dave, your site rocks!!! Once again you have set a new standard in streetluge site design. My hats off to you. Keep an eye out for my new project,, launching in July 2000.

Jeffrey Schonzeit
Henderson, NV USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 22:44:13 (PDT)

Just a quick congratulations on your awesome site. My best mate and I have recently started luging late last year and we're lovin' it. Your site has helped us with board designs as well as many other aspects to luging. We were wondering if you knew of any street luging organisations in Australia, particularly in Victoria. If you know of any, could you please pass the information our way that would be excellent.
Catch Ya

Mt Eliza, VIC Australia - Wednesday, May 09, 2001 at 01:27:35 (PDT)

Dave, Once again thanks for a job well done. to bad the only actoin shot of me is one with my foot down all the way down the coarse(behind George), because when we crashed the run before he broke his truck,and when he got to the right hand sweeper he started to wob and slide all over,so I put a foot down and kept it down. I was not about to tangle with him again, the first time hurt bad enough.
At least I made it in one of the top 11 spots after breaking my wrist and a finger friday in practice on my but board, I feel very lucky. did you notice that I am the only one of the guys in the picture of those going to the games that did not have(and has never had) a medal around his neck, how did that happen? Like I said I feel lcky to be going. Thanks Again
P.S. I got a good price for all your stuff. Sending a check for $150 soon. Late

Pat Moody
Redondo Beach, Ca USA - Thursday, May 03, 2001 at 15:31:28 (PDT)

This site ROCKS! I also need to know the NSLA's official website, so if u know it, please contact me. thanks

Scotsdale, az USA - Saturday, April 28, 2001 at 16:31:36 (PDT)

hi, im 15 years old and have been street lugeing with my 3 friends since 1997. we have starter to call our selves "team MEC". we have made 5 boards. we are very ecsited about what we are doing. our boards are made of the old, wide skate boards with alluminum fronts. we have experimented with many differnt finds of breaks (because were ruining so many pairs of shoes) we have thought of a hand break, that you pull back on. and a foot break that comes up next to the "T" part of the board and you press on it with your foot. each year we are progresing with new ideas and faster boards. i hope i will be able to street luge for many many more years.

Evan Williams
wilmington, de USA - Thursday, April 19, 2001 at 20:21:34 (PDT)

This is for Brian Kullman!!!! You did not leave your email address. We live in Maryland and ride. I need to talk to you about the xgames ASAP!!!!

bob swartz
Blue SMoke Racing

Bob Swartz
Waldorf, Md USA - Thursday, March, 29, 2001 at 10:03:03 (PDT)

Revolutionary Bearing Oil!!!
Do any of you guys beleive in a BETTER bearing oil? I have been producing and selling my oil since 2 years ago to skateboarders and longboarders in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area. The oil has the same viscocity of a 10w-30 motor oil right out of the bottle but gets far thinner with one use. I have picture proof that the oil collects less dirt and debrief than any other oil ive used and have rolling proof that it helps on bearing life and helps bearings spin longer 3:1 over anyother oil ive ever tried. Ive altered it especially for lugeing cause luge bearings dont hold a load as in hard landing but rather a load for speed therefore they need a oil that stands up to all torments of heat and makes for a better spin and doesnt bogg down. If you dont believe me and you too believe that bearing oil helps aggressavily in luge performance i will send you a bottle free of charge for you to try. Email me if youd like a bottle.
Plus ive devised a new way to keep bearings lubed with a special grease/oil mix i also made that you put on the inside of you wheels to help aid in oilong bearings so you dont have to. For more information write me.
Justin franklin
Team Nemesis

Justin The Nemesis
Albuquerque, NM USA - Wednesday, March, 28, 2001 at 17:34:48 (PDT)

New Mexico Fun Run!!!
The New Mexico Fun run Dates are set for May 30, 31, and June 1st. Thats a wednesday, thursday and friday if your wondering. We will be riding from 7am to1-2pm so you might want to be here a couple days early to be ready. We will be using a U-Haul as the vehicle to get everyone back up the hill and along with it my friends van. We have the permits as far as we know and its pretty much official. A word of Warning: Dont be suprised if at the last minute we get turned down or something interferes with the fun run, nothing should happen but if it were to happen im just warning ahead of time. Dont worry though, i think this will go just as planned! Also just in case your wondering, the road is 14 miles long and hits speeds of up to 80 mph. On a good day at the summit, you can see over the clouds as you are about 1 mile above them. So its a pretty cool road. I counted 117 turns in the whole road as well as its like a 12-14% grade all the way down. If you have not yet heard about it and need info email me or leave your questions on the mile high message board in website.
Justin Franklin
Team Nemesis

Justin Franklin
Albuquerque, NM USA - Tuesday, March, 27, 2001 at 13:58:02 (PDT)

Dear Dave,

I am 16 and have been envolved in streetluging for almost 2 years now. I have just completed my second board, and cant wait to ride it. The X games are coming to my home city phily over the next two years, and I was just wondering by writing this letter in your guestbook, if anyone had info about any luging events in the P.A. or pa boarding states. If so could you please send that info to me.

Brian Kullman

West Chester, P.A. USA - Friday, March, 23, 2001 at 17:41:31 (PDT)

Thanx for putting up this nice site.It made me dream about buildin' a streetluge straight away!I made some skates and longboards already,but it's hard to get some of the hardware overhere.The other problem is the flatness of my if there is anyone that's got a solution to that,please inform me.
Must start designin' now,c'ya later.


Antwerp Belgium - Wednesday, March, 21, 2001 at 01:43:05 (PDT)

After looking at your site, man is it the best i have every seen....besides mine.....XTREME WHEELZ, Inc.

Rick Wilson
poway, ca USA - Monday, March, 19, 2001 at 16:21:08 (PDT)

heres the deal, I'm the "brazilian rocket" and im a serious street luger. me and two of my collegues are putting together the awsomest and most accurate and the widest covering street luge video ever. we need your help in this process. we want any footage of you and your buds on your boards. you dont have to be a pro. we want this video to show the world how this sport really is. so if all you have to wear is a T-shirt and jeans, bring it on. we want to see your designs and improvments and hear any stories and tips you might have. this video will not have any fancy computer graphics or effects. it will be very basic, showing the truth about our sport.

i garantee that if you send me any footage at all of street luging, as long as it does not contain any vulgar or nude or sexual or racest content, that it will be on the video. i dont really expect any but i have to say that.

im sorry to say that i CANNOT pay you anything for contributing to the video. nor can i garantee that the video will make it to print. if the video does make it into print, it will sell for around $8 dollars US. by order.

before i give out the mailing adress, i need to know if you are interested. so write me ASAP, and we'll give you the mailing adress.

Rocket <>
Brasil - Friday, February 23, 2001 at 19:24:38 (PDT)

Hi Dave,

I just hit your site and have to state that it is a great place for Infromation and Entertainment. I was glad to see so many Photos and read reports and stuff. JUST GREAT.

My back is still giving me big pain from time to time and I never will be back racing, but my goal for this year is to be able to have some 'quite' runs at HOT HEELS. So I am training my back and try getting into shape.

I hope to see as many of you international riders at HOT HEELS.

All the best


Stefan Wagner <>
USA - Thursday, February 15, 2001 at 09:19:55 (PDT)

hi Dave,
Im a huge fan I am 16 and I built woody the first when I was 13, there are about 6 of us ages from 15 to 28 who bomb the carless hills of Gold Beach Oregon ( nice thing about a small town!)It would be awsome if you could email me and we could swap wood luge designs Im on woody the 3rd and I design some of my friends luges to well hope to here from you. maybe see you at any Oregon events. the is my brothers race boat site i myself dont have a site well
gotta go thanks

Ty Boice <>
Gold Beach , OR USA - Monday, February 12, 2001 at 21:20:30 (PDT)

SOME EXTRA INFO I THINK YOU MIGHT WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE NM FUN RUN AND TEST&TUNE EVENT IN CEDAR CREST NEW MEXICO!!!And just for your info. about the nm fun run, its not sanctioned like i said before, but the road will be closed for our 3-day benefit. This is not a race however we can make it one buy chipping in money for our own personal super super super super super massssssssssssssssssss11 miles luge race, hey im all for it, here is the possible turnout list so far:mark adkins, lance roeper, greg bayhurst, darren lott, dave auld, and much much more ppl who i dont know their names yet. If you need a place to sat while your here, my house is avaliable as well as i will help you find a hotel if youd like, here are some email addresses if you want to find a hotel in Albuquerque: or or, thanks, were hopeing for a major turnout for this mass acessinsion we'd like to call the "Sturges" of luge fun runs, email me for further questions and info about the dates and when they will be set for sure. thankz, Justin Franklin Team Nemesis
Justin Franklin <>
Alb., NM USA - Saturday, February 10, 2001 at 19:19:29 (PDT)

If you read the previous message about the ride in alb nm, here are some websites you can use for finding out about hotels, dining, and car rentals, etc. thanks, justin
Justin Franklin <>
Alb., NM USA - Friday, February 09, 2001 at 15:40:03 (PDT)

Team Nemesis In Albuquerque, New Mexico is holding a 3-day Test & Tune fun run on nm536 in Cedar Crest, New Mexico on (the Dates)May 30,31,and June 1. this is not a race and is not a sanctioned event. The road will be closed off from about 8am to 2pm each of the 3 days. Our governer,Gary Johnson(a member of our luge team) will be riding on any of these 3 days also. The point in this is Randall Turner suggested we film a movie where we are getting chased by the state patrol. I havent talked to gary yet but i think that can be arranged. The road is called nm536, you tske I-40 east to north 14, then take north 14 to nm536(this is coming from the albuquerque area.). The road is 14 miles long of which we will be using about 11 miles of it. There is a gift shop and small cafe at the top of the road as well as a good size parking lot for vehicles. The road is about 20 minutes out of Albuquerque and about 1 minute out of Cedar Crest. Theres is about 50+ turns in the whole road, im not too sure what the grade is but i have been over 70 before on it, but the usual avg. speed is about 60-60mph. These dates are not set yet, but are most likely the days we will ride. We already have a good size list of riders who will be attending but are looking for anyone and everyone who will be interested in coming down here for 1 if not 3 days of the test&tune fun run(think of it as the last major hill you will ride before the x-games) For info regarding this you can call me, justin, @ 1-505-890-8504, or email me at fliers will be sent out shortly, as well as any breif advertising as well. we are really hoping for a BIG test&tune fun run. Thanx, Justin Franklin Team Nemesis
Justin Franklin "Nemesis"<>
Albuquerque, NM USA - Friday, February 09, 2001 at 11:40:57 (PDT)


Nice shots


Roaddog Ruhman<>
Costa Mesa, CA USA - Monday, January 29, 2001 at 21:34:56 (PDT)

Dave thanks to you and everyone for a blast of a time. I will make the trip again but this time I will bring the polishing cloth. I have taped a brick to my helmet and have been doing some head lifts. Got that one from an exercise video off the TV. Thanks for posting my photo much appreciated. See Ya Skid.
Scott Nadeau<>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Sunday, January 28, 2001 at 12:51:41 (PDT)

Hey there....Was really informative, seeing that no one in Singapore knows anything about the sport. Would really like to interview you for an article i am doing for SPACE magazine...more of a design mag. But like i said, would really like to get your expert advice on the sport. If you could, Please email me a reply and we can take it from there....Thanks and keep up the good work!!!
Singapore, 65 Singapore - Tuesday, January 16, 2001 at 00:23:53 (PDT)

You see, I have been asked to help build a luge board with some children. One of them has asked for information from a related society/association in England but nothing has arrived yet. So this wonderful site has helped me to support them.

Rochdale England - Saturday, January 13, 2001 at 08:22:30 (PDT)

What a great site. Enjoyed it all. Especially plans to build luge boards (what do you mean hate building!)
USA - Saturday, January 13, 2001 at 08:17:09 (PDT)

I'm lookin for any lugers in Brasil or any races around here to attend. drop me a note. thanx
Chris Rollins <>
Sao Paulo, SP Brazil - Friday, December 29, 2000 at 10:23:39 (PDT)

Hey Dave!
good to see you and the guys at west la. Thanks for all of the great photos of one of my favorites..Pat Moody!
hope to see you seen. also your site is excelente!

kristen zukley <>
redondo beach, ca USA - Wednesday, December 20, 2000 at 14:44:25 (PDT)

hey, this is justin from Team Nemesis in Albuquerque, New Mexico. If there are any lugers in the NM area or in Alb. or Santa Fe, write me if you want to go lugeing sometime. We are also now selling our luges (aluminum and wood) at A&A Skate Shop in Alb.. The location of A&A is 124 San Pedro S.E. # 505-268-0092; ask for randy or sara. see ya.

Justin "The Nemesis" <>
Albuquerque, NM USA - Tuesday, December 19, 2000 at 15:18:34 (PDT)

hey! i need some help with some info abut street lugefor a news paper in venezuela
alfonzo <>
Caracas Venezuela - Friday, December 15, 2000 at 13:02:11 (PDT)

finally i find someting worth while on th web!"£$
grate 2 c every1 in th guestbook!!
dave keep ridin hard !!!excell~site!!
c u at th X-games!! i should b a worthy adversary!!!
i want GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
keep smilin!! always!!!
fox3998@hotmail.comswansea, west glamorgan wales - Wednesday, December 13, 2000 at 11:31:32 (PDT)

Looks interesting...never seen a live event, only on TV. I'll look for a newsletter for events in my area.....
Ron <>
USA - Friday, December 01, 2000 at 13:24:40 (PST)

Hey Dave!! Love the site. And grate info on board design. Keep Up the grate work for this grate sport.
Christopher Coker <VelocityShift@AOL.COM>
Ogden, UT USA - Sunday, November 12, 2000 at 22:21:50 (PST)

I am looking for VHS videos of street luge. If you know of any please respond.
Dave <>
USA - Monday, October 30, 2000 at 18:30:37 (PST)

We just got together with a skate shop here in albuquerque and we are going to start selling our luges for around 400-1500 dollars. wood and aluminum. Were also selling luge related trucks, wheels and bearings, if interested write me.
Nemesis (justin) <>
Albuquerque, NM USA - Wednesday, October 11, 2000 at 21:27:37 (PDT)

I know this is not a message board but I have to ask. Where Can I get info on Waldo Autry? Thanks
LilysRock <>
Ca USA - Saturday, September 09, 2000 at 18:48:31 (PDT)

hi there, street luge isn't my event but i think the love for extremity is the same... it's nice to be able to fly without waiting for dreams at night. i really admire the dedication you have for your sport. :)
kelea <>
USA - Monday, September 04, 2000 at 08:58:55 (PDT)

It seems to me that all you lugers dont mind traveling cross-country for a good luge race.I have a 14 mile road here in New Mexico, just outside of Albuquerque and Sante Fe, that we luge on frequently and since our last visit with the county sherrif, he said we can ride on it when we want and if we want to hold a race on it, we are more than welcome, they would love to support it. Now every time i tell you guys about this road, you just blow me off like i dont mean anything to the sport. for the past three years i have been trying to get someone to speek out about this road and bring a race to it, but again , i get blown off. I have pictures of the road along with countless videos of it too. if anyone is interested in the road please email me, you guys have all seemed to look past the possibilities of this state and what it has to offer, dont forget, New Mexico is part of the rocky mountains, and if you dont think we have good luge hills, you are absolutely nuts, give this one a try, believe me you guys will like what you see. by the way, my name is justin from Team Nemesis, i have been lugeing for the past 7 1/2 years and i know the rules of racing and i know how to tell what a good luge run is, if you guys dont look into this raod, then your passing up a possibility of a very ideal luge run for a race, you be the judge.
Albuquerque, NM USA - Thursday, August 31, 2000 at 13:11:41 (PDT)

Dave: I love your sight, and it was nice to see you in San Fran., the Photos were great. Keep up the good work. Take care, Lugemom
Lugemom <>
St. George, Ut USA - Wednesday, August 23, 2000 at 21:17:14 (PDT)

i don't really like the style of ur site, sorry
eeeee <wwwwwwwe>
eeee, w USA - Monday, August 21, 2000 at 18:39:58 (PDT)

Yo Dave!!! ahah Awesome site, Many Mad Props to you...Thanks for the pics , There Great!! You should hit me up a E-mail sometime and we can go Ride sometime. Alright!! Keep the aweosme job up....!! A friend...
Jake Kaplan <>
San Diego, CA USA - Saturday, August 19, 2000 at 02:09:47 (PDT)

hey if there are any rec. riders in central oklahoma my friend and i are looking for some competition and would like to set up a race. warning we are just recreational riders with wood boards and old skateboard trucks.matt
matt <>
edmond , ok USA - Sunday, August 13, 2000 at 15:56:30 (PDT)

Hey Dave, Love the movie section, I knew sooner or later Rob's crash would make the web. Later, Mike
Michael Frink (ex-Fluid Drive) <>
Fullerton, CA USA - Tuesday, August 01, 2000 at 16:04:15 (PDT)

You have a cool site! Check out mine and tell me what you think on my message board!
jason <>
Santa Barbara, Ca USA - Tuesday, August 01, 2000 at 11:27:26 (PDT)

I just wanted to let you know that I was just now surfing around on ebay (looking at scuba regulators) and decided I would see if there were any schedule changes. So I simply remembered and typed it in. The name was an instant hit!!. Nice leathers too. See ya soon, John
John Fryer <>
Oakland, Ca USA - Monday, July 24, 2000 at 18:16:35 (PDT)

Dave, This is an excellent site. Keep up the great work.
Scarecrow's mom <>
Rivedale, GA USA - Monday, July 24, 2000 at 17:09:16 (PDT)

Dave, Hello from the flatest spot in the U.S., Kansas has the Flint Hills, Virginia Beach. I'm goi'n nuts...Head to the hills of Va. this week. congradts on the new sight and thanx for the great time I had in mammoth. See you on the hill and always checking your message board. Robert James McKendry III
Robert McKendry <>
Virginia Beach , Va. USA - Wednesday, July 19, 2000 at 19:14:46 (PDT)

Hey Dave, it was great being back with you guys. This is a killer site and you're a dedicated webmaster for foregoing the Big Air contest to shoot pix. Finally, I have somewhere to send friends that want to see what streetluging "looks like" again great shots...see you in Providence!
grumpy <>
Bakerfield, ca USA - Thursday, July 13, 2000 at 16:09:08 (PDT)

Dave, It was great seeing you again up in S.F. for the Red Bull event. My hat's off to Tom Mason, the Red Bull Crew, all the racers (what a list that is!), to Lee, Dennis, Lugenstein, Pam, Bob and Jeff for going HUGE, to the S.F. crowd whose roars were as uplifting as the ramp, and special thanks to Digger for being the first of us "lemmings" off the cliff and into the wild blue yonder! Good luck in the upcoming events! You're a great guy, a great competitor, a great webmaster and I respect you 100%. Keep me in the loop brother, Chris Chaput (the loser who only went 82 feet ;)
Chris Chaput <>
Huntington Beach, CA USA - Tuesday, July 11, 2000 at 19:54:10 (PDT)

This is a wondeful uplifting,informitive,exciting,cutting edge, very well done and laid out site.As a very big fan of all who luge and try to over come thier fears in a sport that is very crazy,fast,competitive, I for one applaud all of you. I'm very proud to be in with you guys, all of you are my hero's .My heart go's out to all of you that give so much ask very little ,only to ride and and have fun. rick wilson,
rick wilson <>
california, USA - Tuesday, July 11, 2000 at 08:20:21 (PDT)

hey dave! you did an awsome job on this site. it is really helpful.
adam <>
lex, ky USA - Saturday, June 24, 2000 at 14:38:15 (PDT)

Hi Dave! I just got back from Europe today and this was the first chance to check out your site - it is great! The awesome pictures from Hot Heels were a great remedy to post return blues! I will be checking in regularly to get the low down on all the upcoming events - I look forward to seeing the results! I hope you'll be joining us at DHX in Cape Town next year - it will be great to see you! Take it easy! Barbara
Barbara Walker <>
Cape Town, WP South Africa - Monday, June 19, 2000 at 02:13:26 (PDT)

Hey Dave,thanks a lot for having this web site here for everyone to use. The book you sudggested is very helpfull. Maybe i'll see you around.
Moraga, CA USA - Wednesday, June 14, 2000 at 12:33:52 (PDT)

Last night 2 friends of mine and fellow luge pilots slid off the road into concrete posts at around 70km/h. Leander broke the bottom of his foot/heel and Nicholas broke his femur (upper leg). They could have easily both been more seriously injured or even killed. We spent most of the early morning in hospital. They both have to have surgery as their injuries are serious. Leander was planning to go to the EDI race. They had safety equipment on but when you hit concrete posts nothing will save you. Please be careful and wear full helmets and full leathers AT ALL TIMES. Please send some messages to so I can print them out and take them to the guys in hospital. Thanks Monta Man De Luge ‘n All Racing Team Cape Town South Africa
Monta Man <>
Cape Town, S.A. - Tuesday, June 13, 2000 at 05:17:55 (PDT)

ATLANTA, GA USA - Monday, June 12, 2000 at 18:29:58 (PDT)

I hope all of you feel the same that Hot Heels 2000 was such a great success, even Kaunertal is right behind the event now ? Next week we have the debrief about the event, and all sponsors, TV stations, newspapers had fun with us this time. I wish more of you could be a part of the event, but maybe next time ! Fact is Hot Heels will be happen in Kaunertal next year as well, maybe a week later ! For all competitors at the event, we couldn´t hand out the resultlist in time, therefore you guys get a free video and a resultlist send by mail. enjoy the video, we put on the 26 min. highlite tape as well the roughcut for more action.(only european format, US boys please find a recorder to play it most of them allready working)...... What else to say: we had 123 entry´s but only 91 riders showed up.. let me know the reason ??? One question for all you guys out there....., as you could see we changed the format of the event, sport and party share 50/50 of the event. PLEASE LET ME KNOW, ARE WE ON THE RIGHT WAY WITH OUR EVENT AND WHAT ELSE DO YOU GUYS WANT TO HAVE AT THE EVENT ?????? For any input you can give i appreciate to work on it and make an better event..... first changes we saw this year we will do so to make it easier for you to come to hot heels. The entry fee will be less next year. I´m working on a way which is fair to everyone. last but not least congrates to all winners: Jochen Baumann Snakeboard 1.time David Rogers Streetluge Gerhard Lanz Classic / Buttboard Dallas Oberholzer Stand up thanxx Darren for your input about the tophys last year, i think these one´s are quiet nice for Hot Heels. Congrates to Stefan Wagner who takes away the wandertrophy, he won the classic event 3 times same as ralph Kohler but never to a trophy, thanxx stefan for everything you did for us in Europe. Guys out there never forget the he was the man which made the deals for our first X-Games entrys !!!! This year we could give away 8 slots for X-Games 2001. (i have to talk to marcus about it because myself and tom mason are qualifyed allready for next year) So the Slots will go to: Dave Auld Dave Rogers John Fryer Olivier Wagner Darren Lott Pete Eliot Sahli Laurent Manu Antuna I hope we see you there next year ? I will update the homepage asap. So if you have any things to change let me know....(please email me) looking forward to a great event 2001... Gerhard
Gerhard <>
USA - Sunday, June 11, 2000 at 08:35:44 (PDT)

Hey Dave mad web site man. I hate building boards too. I have just recently made a wooden board and I'm on the look out for a big hill when I find on I'll tell u how it went. later
Bj <>
Sydney, NSW Australia - Friday, June 09, 2000 at 04:25:37 (PDT)

Dave, AWSOME SITE!!! I had to put a link for you (updated old one). If you want I'll put a banner there for you.. Sherm
Sherm <>
St. George, Ut USA - Tuesday, June 06, 2000 at 13:47:43 (PDT)

This is the best site for luging on the net!!! No questions asked! I live in Orange County and been lookin for hills around here or riverside county--do you know of any? I'd really appreciate it. Thanx P.S. This site is the BEST!!!
Home made wood <>
Ca USA - Friday, June 02, 2000 at 18:46:01 (PDT)

Wassup Dave? i am new to lugeing, (meaning that the closest that i've got to the real thing is lying down on my skateboard and flying down a hill!) if you could give me some tips on how to start off on the steering and pushoffs that would be AWESOME! thanks man
Steve <>
USA - Tuesday, May 30, 2000 at 18:04:38 (PDT)

Cool site. Digged the heap of pictures - nice to see the people again. Go Go Go for Red Bull DHX 2001.
Monta Man - De Luge 'n All Racing Team <>
Cape Town, South Africa - Monday, May 29, 2000 at 05:42:52 (PDT)

Hi S.P.D. your site kicks ass. LUGENSTIEN...
seattle, wa USA - Thursday, May 18, 2000 at 10:47:54 (PDT)

Hi my friends, JUst some words to tell you the ZURICH event will take place in june 17-18. For more infos about the race check out Thanks for that very good web site ! Manu.
Manu <>
nice, france - Tuesday, May 16, 2000 at 01:14:49 (PDT)

The new logo looks great - I'm glad you chose that picture instead of the wipe-out!
Barb <>
New York, NY USA - Monday, May 15, 2000 at 07:41:21 (PDT)

Dave, Great Pics! One question though, Where's the bikes? Dr No- Neil Orta
Dr No <>
USA - Tuesday, May 09, 2000 at 09:17:03 (PDT)

Just checked your luge site on the Web. Saw all the great pictures you put in. Hope things are going great with you. Miss seeing everyone. Happy Luging! Love, Ginger
Ginger <>
USA - Friday, March 31, 2000 at 08:46:58 (PST)

Dear guys, i´m able to tell you about the Hot Heels Downhillfestival 2000 that we finaly could make an accomodation deal with one of the Hotels. The deal like following: 3*Hotel class: B&B /per person 23 US$ B&B&Dinner /per person 28 US$ we booked 30 doublerooms allready...... they can be used as well as single rooms for a little fee... the rooms are booked from 30.may till 4.june, but you are able to stay before and after as well for the same price.. you can use the rooms aslo as 3or 4 bed rooms and get the rooms even more inexpensive.. so please don´t hesitate to contact me and book your room in advance. Understand that i made this deal for you guys and i booked the rooms allready which means i have to pay them... if you like to get even more cheap rooms, no problem the rooms in Kaunertal start from around 16 US$ let me know.. so please guys let me help you with the handling for your accomodation and book your trip to Hot Heels asap in advance... i garantee you a great race and owesome time in Austria... bye Gerhard.
Gerhard Lanz <>
USA - Wednesday, March 29, 2000 at 02:52:58 (PST)

Site looks very nice while waiting for my plane at LAX.
Larry Shearon <>
Aliso Viejo, CA USA - Saturday, March 25, 2000 at 21:33:11 (PST)

Hey friends out there !! Hot Heels is coming up from the 31.May till 4.of june. lots of changes are done.. and Hot Heels 2000 is our please feel free to contact myself. If you need further info send an email... if you have other friends which need information please send me their email adress or postadress.. all info will be posted in the next 7 days.. bye Gerhard. PS: congrates to all winners in Capetown. actually everybody who was in capetown should feel like an winner, you boys and girls made it an amazing event.
Gerhard Lanz <>
USA - Monday, March 13, 2000 at 09:07:20 (PST)

Dave I gotta say you have the BEST pictures on the entire web! Great job, see ya at the races.
Beagle Jarvis <>
Canastota, ny USA - Monday, February 28, 2000 at 02:12:29 (PST)

Bonjour à tous. Désolé je ne parle pas anglais. Juste pour vous dire que le site de la descente de Glovelier se trouve à l'adresse suivante : A bientôt !
Lucas Rondez <>
Glovelier, Jura Switzerlan - Saturday, February 26, 2000 at 14:14:54 (PST)

Yo dude I really liked your page. Here in a few weeks i'm gonna build my first board out of wood. I want to get some rock-solid plans for building it before I actually start. I don't want to screw up, because i'm only 15, my funds are severely limited. I'd like it if you could give me some tips on building, or if you know anyone that could, or anyone reading this could give me some tips, that would be excellent!! Gotta go, Thanks!
Alan Armbrust <>
Washington Court House, OH USA - Friday, February 18, 2000 at 15:35:05 (PST)

Yo lugefriends, the people in Southafrica are ready for you guys they are waiting for our show in Capetown,,,the good things are this year !! Racecourse closed for two days, lot´s of party´s, lot´s of spectators and a week full of fun in Capetown.. This will be also one of my last anouncments to tell you its worth a flight to capetown...if you need any more info please contact myself or Daní from Red Bull Southafrica ,,, if you need any help with airfares please contact tobi from tobis travel solutions,,, there are still very less people in standup competition ..... OK,guys but now i will give you an update about hotheels last year i sait i wont orgainze the event in Kaunertal again cause of problems with the resort.. it looks like we figured out this problems and i got everything i the Date for the 9.Hot Heels will be from 31.of May till 4.of June 2000....and it will be the greatest event in our sport.... so get your balls together and email me for further information.... Gerhard Lanz / Hot Heels
Gerhard Lanz <>
USA - Wednesday, February 02, 2000 at 01:10:48 (PST)

My name is justin, I live in Albuquerque New Mexico. there is a road out here in new mexico called CREST Rd. it is located in the town of cedar crest. We just went lugeing on this road today and yesturday and it is fast we were averaging speeds in excess of 70 mph. The road is 14 miles long and has an ever decending incline of no less that 25 dagrees and no more that 35 dagrees. I need to take this request seriously because the road is not a major road and it seems that it can easily be closed off for a few days. just today, we didnt even encounter a single car on the whole 14 mile stretch. i will be sending pics out to anyone who would like to take a look at the road, and if there are any luge racing corporations that would be interested, i would be happy to give you all the information you need and the numbers for the people you can contact. I want to try to get a petition from racers when they see the pics: that is if they would be interested in racing on this road in the very near future. I need responses quick, im going to try to convince the state to let a luge race go on on this road, i need help. believe me you will like it, it has over 140 turns, i counted them up to the first 7 miles. anyways, contact me please or you can call me at 1-(505)-890-8504.
justin <>
albuquerque, NM USA - Tuesday, January 18, 2000 at 20:55:39 (PST)

Dave,I just got done playing sean and wade's STREET LUGE RACING game,and let me tell you IT IS A COOL GAME! The graphic's are kill,as well the game it self being fun. Contrary to other coments that have been made about the game it is beatable. I spent several hours on it and was able to go thruogh the entire equipment up grades and take 1st place in the 6 man AND 4 man season's! This game is a must for anyone that has not experienced A podium win.(in real life)and a must for any one who just love's the thrill of riding.Give me a call and we'll play!
Slim Pickens <>
costa mesa, CA USA - Tuesday, January 18, 2000 at 08:59:26 (PST)

Hi Dave, nice site , I alway like to see other people's ideas about building a Luge. I's great of you to share your pesonal spec & info, Thanx
Dave von Doehren <>
Garnerville, NY USA - Sunday, December 26, 1999 at 15:46:23 (PST)

Great site. i live in sweden but love streetluge. the FAQ section was great for me. in a couple of years i want to ride streetluge in the states , hopefully i will.
Arvid <>
Sweden - Friday, December 10, 1999 at 04:52:30 (PST)

Dude! Love the holiday pictures - very nice touch!
Barb <>
Hoboken, NJ USA - Wednesday, November 24, 1999 at 13:01:42 (PST)

I go downhillin every day here in Poway Right out side of San Diego But Im looking for hills faster The hills i go down now hit like 55mph and i wanna go FASTTTTTT
Tyler Fleischmann <>
San Diego, CA USA - Monday, November 15, 1999 at 19:50:47 (PST)

Eventinformation: Red Bull DHX / Location Capetown SA/ Date 25.-27. February 2000. Discipline: Streetluge / Skateboard (standup)/ Inline Pricemoney p/Dis. 60.000.-- Rand which is approx.. around 6000 US$ further info coming soon.
Gerhard Lanz <>
Austria - Wednesday, November 03, 1999 at 12:13:44 (PST)

Hi, Dave it just like to tell you ! The contry code for Austria is AUT, AUS seems to be the land near newzealand. I know its hard to understand but really we are austrians from the european alps. ok, dont take this to serios. bye Gerhard.
gerhard <>
AUT - Saturday, October 23, 1999 at 01:35:23 (PDT)

thanxx for racing with you and that you take care for me. hope we race together soon Gerhard.
Gerhard <>
Austria - Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 02:53:41 (PDT)

I really liked the section of all your first boards. It gave me some good ideas.
Caleb Ponder <N/A>
apple valley, CA USA - Friday, September 17, 1999 at 20:28:55 (PDT)

Dave, The site looks really cool. It's been fun riding with you guys. Thanks for the cool photo on the site.
Bob Ozman <>
GMR, CA USA - Thursday, September 16, 1999 at 21:39:28 (PDT)

hi david: Saw your Mom and Barb the other day. Found your web-site on the internet. checked out the pictures and they were super. Hope things are fine with you. Things at the lake are about the same. Miss seeing everyone in your family.
ginger <>
lakeville, ma USA - Tuesday, August 17, 1999 at 13:42:30 (PDT)

The NSLA rocks! The web page is cool.
Robert Bowland <>
Grayville, IL USA - Tuesday, June 08, 1999 at 15:46:49 (PDT)

Dave it was great passing you in practice in Madison....maybe one day it'll actually happen in a race. You ride great and I'm looking forward to seeing you in S.F.
John Fryer <>
Oakland, Ca USA - Saturday, May 29, 1999 at 20:05:13 (PDT)

Canastota, ny USA - 

Dave: Great pics of Alabama, hopefully they"ll be more podium pics to come! see ya in Madison, Since you"re already in for the X Games. Congrades
Beagle <>
Canastota, NY USA - 

Since we don't get to see you in person very often, it's great to see you in pictures. Terrific site!
Susan & Galen Clark <>
Prospect, KY USA - 

Greaat board Dave!
Carl Beeler <>
San Diego, ca USA - 

Great page dave. Freat pictures on the Alabama race. I hope to be racing with you soon, maybe this summer. I need info on the next wood luge race, by this summer if possible.
justin <>
Albuquerque, NM USA - 

Congrats Dave on the #2 spot. Looking forward to seeing you in the not too distant future (July). We'll keep you informed as to exact date.
larry & elaine <>
Pennington, NJ USA - 

great pics and info. keep it up. saw that guy from dallas and we need to hook up. email me GREAT SITE
B-man <>
Tyler, Tx USA - 

Hey Dave, Love the site. You've got more information than any three people need. See ya Sunday. Slim
Slim <>
Templen Hwy, CA USA - 


Great site, Dave. Thanks for the setup tips at Cheaha. They obviously worked. See you in Madison.
Al "Scarecrow" Braun <fastforwardracing@prodigy,net>
Senoia, GA USA - 

Very cool! Had no idea the boards were so high tech. Probably not a good sport for the Chicago area .... although, the Hancock tower , due to it's slanted design, might be classified as an 'extreme grade'. Just a thought.
Dan Pettit <>
Morristown, NJ USA - 

what'up dave your page is so cool
kriss <>
bangkok, thailand - 

Hi Dave! Are you going to compete in the Gravity Games in Providence?! I have already asked for the 2 days off, so you better say yes! It looks like a ton of fun!
New York, NY USA -

Hey Dave, the site looks great. It's nice to see some of the old timers still in the sport ( and doing well ). Maybe I'll see you up in the Sierras one of these summers.
Mike Frink (ex-Fluid Drive)
USA - 

Site is the best! My friend and I are looking for more luging racers. Any out there in Dallas TX? We could use some competiton. If so email me.
Steven <>
Dallas, TX USA - 

Dave: Just thought i"d stop by to say hi, Bitchin sight,how can I get a rider profile?If you get time e-mail me late
Beagle Jarvis <>
Canastota , N.Y. USA - 

Dave: Just thought i"d stop by to say hi, Bitchin sight,how can I get a rider profile?If you get time e-mail me late
Beagle Jarvis <>
Canastota , N.Y. USA - 

Hey dave, do want the chance to race luge style on snow? Have you heard about lifht modified shovel racing? Well a light modified shovel is very similer to street luge. We are on our backs going about 75MPH. We use skis instead of wheels. This is the perfect crossover sport for street lugers. I raced in the 97 winter x_games in the super modified class. They discontinued that event in the games(too extreme). But they have told me that they are interested in light modifieds because of the cross over potential for street lugers. I already have several lugers coming out to the race but I need more. Your group of guys sound like a perfect fit. The Winter X-Games says they would include it in 2000 if we can show them that there are racers doind it. This sport is wide open and you all could get in on the ground floor and help pioneer it to the next level. Are you interested? Please contact me at 505-266-6599 or e_mail me and I will tell you all about it. The race is in Angel Fire NM the first weekend in Feb. so it is not too late.
John Strader <>
Albuq., NM USA - 

Luge rocks, so do macs. Keep up the good work
Gianni Renda

Dave, congrat's on the x-games and winning the "best site" honors! X speed-on X x x X -sammy
sam dattola <>
newport beach, ca USA - 

Mac are the bomb. Oh, and nice site.
ReShun Davis <>
Escondido, CA USA - 

Very nice site & deserving of site of the month. Mac's rule!
Paul Crea <>
Escondido, CA USA - 

GREAT JOB DAVE ! I have just done my first page, I hope one day to have it as good as yours ! Love learning these things.
Bobbie <>
Thorofare, Nj USA - 

I like your site.... plenty of useful information for street luge fans. Keep up... good luck...
Khalil Ahmad <>
Woodbridge, NJ USA - 

Hi! I found your site because it was the cool member's site of the week. Very deserving of the title! A great page on a great topic.
Molly Nicklin <>
Omaha, NE USA - 

Very Cool, you go through alot of tennis shoes?
Eric Winter <>
Trabuco, CA USA - 

Nice site Dave, it's growing well. Thanks for the link to Luge Australia, and permision for the incident reports. You're welcome in Aus any time.
Tim Roediger <>
Wollongong, NSW Australia - 

Between you and Darren, the idea of putting together a luge from wood is sounding better and better. I guess I'm gonna have to put the old welder to rest and see if I can drive a nail straight! Great site and the photos are super. Hope to see you in Ansted this year.
Bama <>
Louisville, Ky USA - 

Hi Dave, Congratulations on your X Games Medal!! The site looks great. I can't wait to see your new board in action. It looks very cool.
Marcus Rietema - IGSA <>
Glendora, CA USA - 

Love the site! It gives a friendly and more relaxed view to the sport of street luge. Great pictures! Keep up the good work.
Scott Baker
Chesley, ON Canada - 

G'Day Dave, Was sure good to see you last weekend. Hope all is ok with youse... I tried to download the movie again after getting (from APPLE.COM) the 3.0.1 version of Quicktime. When clisking on the 'Movie' link, it gives the message, 'detected an older version of quicktime, wanna get a new one?'. Dunno what's happinin! See ya in a few months? Xmas?. Very best regards,ld
Larry <>
USA - 

Great pictures (except the broken fibula pic.) Made me squeamish. I would hope to see a better (more in depth) board design page. I'm sure that the site will only get better as time goes. Keep up the good work and congrats on X-games medal.
Keith Fellmy <>
Lebanon, IN USA - 

Great Site! I just started riding and your site gave me all the inspiration! Im only 16 so ill see u at the X-Games in a few years!!
Ryan Thulin <>
Lake Orion, MI USA - 

Really nice site, I left a board with Darren to try after S/B, I think, Bob Oz has it now,if your near him,and have the time and would like to try it, it would be cool, if you do let me know what you think.
john reed <>
morgan Hill, Ca USA - 

Dave, your web site looks great! I look forward to more good stuff from you in the future. Congratulations on your medal at the X-Games.
Jeffrey Schonzeit - LLLV <>
Las Vegas, NV USA - 

Hi Dave! The new pictures look great! I am having someone print one out on our color printer so I can hang it in my office. Thanks for fixing the typo - it was driving me crazy!
Barb <>
New York, NY USA - 

Nice Site!!! I'll have to get moving on the new sled so you can feature your new pictures soon. So this is how you spend your days in the office?!
Steve Fernando <>
Bakersfield, Ca USA - 

Great Page Dave ! Any lugers in San Diego??? E-Mail me.
Justin <N2J2@MSN.COM>
San Diego, CA USA - 

Dave, Your web page looks great. Good Luck in your future races.
Rodger Ziolkowski <>
Wyomissing Hills, PA USA - 

Feel free to provide comments or ask questions reguarding the information on the site.
Dave Auld <>
Orange County, CA USA - Thursday, July 09, 1998 at 22:46:16 (PDT) 

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